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Blog To Watch: ClothesAreCute

13 Apr

clothes are cute

I have one of the funkiest girlfriends in town. This girl can make pajamas look fashionable (I’m not joking, see here)!

Ms. Kim is that eclectic mix of casual, vintage, edgy and romantic that we all wish we could achieve. It’s sort of a natural pinache that only comes to those who are so blessed!

Plus shes a Naturalista, so you already know I love it…

Be sure to visit Kim at Clothes Are Cute, drop her a line and let her know we sent you 🙂


What’s YOUR Masque?: Marie Denee

27 Aug

I’m not sure if you all are aware, but about 56% of American women are plus-size. Most designers are aware, but have yet to fully take heed. But not this woman!

Ms. Marie Denee hails from sunny California and…well, I’ll let you read the rest…

Let everyone know who you are and what you do: Well, my name is Marie, or Marie Denee. I am a fashion blogger for the discerning plus size fashionista. I aim to highlight all things fashion from the plus perspective.

What mantra do you live by? Keep it Curvy.Confident.Chic.

Any new projects in the works? On 09.09.09 I am launching the contemporary designer plus size boutique, Marie Denee. I am geeked about this!

So, Marie Denee is an upscale contemporary online boutique that offers today’s fashion forward, curvy, confident, and chic plus size woman, a sanctuary where she can confidently shop the latest designer fashions in her size, without sacrificing her desires for premium, fashion forward, and impeccably fit options.

What will you be doing to celebrate your new online boutique? I haven’t even thought that far, as it also coincides with my birthday this year!  We will party- this I know!

Anything lined up for 2010? I plan to open a physical location in Oakland, California!  In addition to building assortments and sourcing new and hard to find designers, I will be attending the BBW Empowerment Cruise as a seminar speaker!

and of course, we had our Masque questions! (check them after the jump…)

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Kate Moss for Topshop A/W 09

27 Aug

Fall Fashion Week 09 is on it’s way here in New York City, and the cup runneth over with excitement for new looks to be revealed. To keep everyone interested up until the big week starts, everyone starts to buzz online.

I got a hold of Kate Moss’ new line for Topshop, and I must say I’m impressed. I would not have imagined I’d be interested in this line, but there are some pieces that I really adore…

Purple sequin bandeau dress, £120

Purple sequin bandeau dress, £120

Printed dress, £50

Printed dress, £50

check for more under the jump…

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I’m Recession Cute

11 May

The way to meet guys today is to look “Recession Cute”. Within the last month, I’ve gotten several numbers from very cute men by sporting the items below. I’m almost sure it will work for the rest of you:

DIRTY Turquoise and white (used to be) sneakers

I won’t mention the brand of these darlings, but I bought them in August 2007. After 2 half marathons and miles and miles of training, these suckers can literally have a conversation with me.

Leopard print head tie
So when I go to the gym, I take of my cute little short wig to let it air out and write my head up in a leopard print head tie. WHO KNOWS where this came from. Its one of those things I just found around the house.

Absolut Vodka tee shirt
I’m not sure if the liquor on my shirt is an essential ingredient to the love-sweat potion that drips from my brow, but this tee reels men in like bait in shark infested waters.

DIRTY black or lavender workout pants
People say its my buttocks…I beg to differ because I’ve always had a rather large rear and and still never got the digits until I wore these bad boys. I’m not sure of the brand because they are so watched out that the tags are illegible.

Mustard and Black workout gloves
I have no clothes in mustard so these gloves NEVER match my outfit.

No Make Up
I never wear make-up to the gym…and if I do, its by mistake.

There you go! I call my look “Recession cute”. Wear all of these and you’ll have more men talk to you than ever before!

Top Shop opens in Soho

1 Apr

The image “https://i0.wp.com/1.bp.blogspot.com/_X8NpKEU_Dc4/R4PW1ouVC8I/AAAAAAAAETk/9LKLkZYb8JE/s400/topshop_podcast_logo.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

oo la laaaaaa.

lovely new shop from UK opens in SoHo.

This spot has proved to be at the forefront of fashion. Cute spunky fashion forward clothes that you can mix and match yo your hearts desire! check out their site

they even have a blog!

You Match? Pish Posh!

28 Mar

Remember back when matching was essential?

Think back to middle school when the kicks were fresh and you had the matching belt that picked up some of the color from the shoe; then you had the partnered with the tee. Holler.

Not only did you NEED to match, but you needed to be color coordinated. But that whole scene is just that – juvenile. (We all know there are “sneaker heads” over the age of 18, the discussion of which deserves another post wholly unto itself.)

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$30 socks?

25 Mar

I love a nice pair of socks. I really do. Anyone who has shopped with me on a regular basis knows that I will go out of my way for cute socks. But for damn near $30? Idk, man…

Regardless, the Spring/Summer ’09 Collection by Hansel from Basel is undeniably charming. And if you enter code dailycandy before you add each item to your cart, you’ll get 25% off..woo!

P.S. my birthday is in May…

Source: DailyCandy

waffles + falafels SPR 09

25 Mar

real girls do real things.

This is the mantra that the waffles + falafels girls live by. A clothing line inspired by real girls and powered by social media, waffles + falafels are just doing what they know how to do best…have fun.

Offering tee shirts and tons of fun, the waffles + falafels girls understand their audience. All of their models are real girls that are at least involved, in one way or another, with the creative process for waffles + falafels. The waffles + falafels tees are footloose and fancy free, and so are the girls involved. A peek into their Spring 2009 lookbook:

waffles + falafelswaffles + falafels

The girls are all over the web: Twitter and Myspace. They give us something to look forward to this spring!

never ending sample sale?

18 Mar

Once again, we’re thanking Christine! She brought a place called Inventory NYC to my attention. They are a boutique with UNBELIEVABLE outlet prices. Designers change weekly, so the always stay on top of trends. The boutique just recently launched their Cheap Monday deals with an event. Check out Inventory NYC’s blog here.cheap monday

SIGNETTE Fashion Show + Party

4 Mar

signettethe lovely Christine has sent out an invite to you all, contact me for her info if you’re interested!

Aysha Saeed presents:
Signette, Spring 2009 Collection


Doors open at 8pm
Open Bar from 8-10pm
Fashion Show starts promptly at 9pm
Shopping from 9:30 – 11pm

****Tickets are redeemable for $25 off a Signette Collection purchase

Goody Bags will be given out!

Ticket Price $25.00


To purchase:

check Aysha Saeed on Good Morning America

view the collections here