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Have you BKT’d? (Part 1 of 2)

15 Sep

In my journey to natural hair, I’ve come to realize that wearing my hair straight is not always the way to go. The humidity during the hotter months had me looking like I stuck my wet toe in an outlet. After months of research and trial and error, I have found the solution to my frizzy dilemma: Brazilian Keratin Treatment!

A full instructional video from Hair2ToeBeauty.com

I’ve tried various hair products that promised frizz-free shine or silk & sleek tresses with no positive end results for my mop. I’ve also experimented with different techniques, such as “the scarf-tie down”, that left me with puffy hair AND a line imprint across my forehead. I was in desperate need of a solution that would allow me to have tamed straight hair without the harsh chemicals. A process that would wash away within a couple of months without any damaging effects to my natural strands. Something just shy of a miracle.

I found BKT somehow – the technique just fell into my lap one day. After an enormous amount of research, including reviews from women who have had the treatment more than once, I decided to take the plunge but was left at a standstill when I caught wind of the price tag for shiny straight hair. The Brazillian Keratin Treatment can range anywhere between $150 – $350. That was not an option for me. I called local beauty schools to see if they offered the service, and shopped around at the local beauty shops to find a licensed hair stylist who is certified to apply the treatment.

When I finally found a cosmetologist who was within my budget, a single tear of  joy escaped my eye and I hurridly made my first appointment.

For more information on Brazilian Keratin Treatments, visit About.com and be careful when choosing your stylist! Also, do as much research as you can. What works for us may not work for you – BKT’s are not for everyone!

Note: Wet Feat is transitioning and likes to wear her hair straight, but we love to embrace our fros, kinks and coils!


Janelle Monae: “Cold War”

15 Aug

After seeing Janelle Monae perform this song live (via an Erykah Badu performance during the early summer in NYC), it’s no surprise that her video is full of emotion. In a time where identities are easily confused and the value of self is constantly in question, this song is right on time. D’Angelo-esque in nature, please enjoy the video!

More than a Ruby’s Whipped Lemongrass Shea Butter

11 Jun

Nothing is more important to an afro-coif than moisture. As a Naturalista, I have made it my business to try a lot of different mixtures for my hair – my kitchen and I have become one. But never once have I created something so heavenly as the Whipped Lemongrass Shea Butter from Karen Attiah of More than a Ruby.

My video review:

[Please pardon the random hairs sticking out the top of my head]

Visit Karen Attiah at More Than A Ruby, or shout her a holler on Twitter. Get it while it’s hot! haha

Bee Mine Products- A new store opens in Brooklyn

6 May

If you find yourself wandering around Brooklyn in the near future, indulge in a visit to Ecodermis and Wolfberry, as they now sell Bee Mine Products.  If you didn’t know by now, Bee Mine is a wonderful, 100% natural hair product with lovely ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, and oh honey the list goes on and on!

In the past, I have ordered the Bee Mine Curly Butter online and I loved it.  The customer service is excellent and the order arrived promptly.  Being as these products are all natural, there are no parabens, sulfates of any kind or harmful chemicals.  It is an absolutely yummy product line and I am ecstatic to see it come to New York.  With the store so close I can now buy the full product line and immediately report on my HAUL.  Stay tuned!!

Make sure to visit the website for more information on Bee Mine products.  The site is chock full of encouragement for naturals and transitioning chicas.  Ecodermis and Wolfberry is located at 310 Malcolm X Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11233… Happy Shopping!

Can Chris Rock Find Out Who Has “GOOD HAIR”??

3 Sep

Chris Rock has a new movie/documentary hitting theaters in October titled “Good Hair”

Check out the Preview:

Chris Rock made this movie for his daughter that wanted to know why she doesn’t have good hair.  That situation is oh so sad but Im glad to see that the issues that have plagued African American woman for 400 years are finally coming to mainstream media.  As botched up as a job that Trya did on her talk show referring to “good and bad hair” I’m happy that she addressed it.  Our hair can be the topic of conversation across many different communities but unfortunately most of the problems lie within us.  From the video of the mother viciously combing through her child’s hair calling her nappy and other types of obscenities to the black woman that like “The White Girl Flow”… we got issues.   I hope that when black woman see these movies and watch these shows, we can start to delve deeper into ourselves and discover the beauty that we all carry.

Natural Beauty: Hannah Hodson

9 Jun


Hannah Hodson plays Camille Hawthorne on the new show “Hawthorne”, set to air on TNT on June 16th. The leading lady, Jada Pinkett Smith, plays a hard-ass nurse that puts herself on the line every day for her patients (the show actually looks pretty interesting and I’ll be sure to tune in). However, the story line wasn’t all that caught my attention. Hannah’s natural locks are so beautiful I had to do a double-take! She is an 18 year old hot mama who got her start on the Nike Air Jordan Commercial directed by Spike Lee. From then on she has stayed on her grind and has now landed a spot on what I am sure will be an exciting TV show. Check out the show next week to catch a glimpse of Ms. Hodson and her head full of spirals!

Crazy Masque: I tried natural hair

21 May

So last night I tried to do my hair natural for the first time, and I looked like this:

My boyfriend re-confirmed by stating it himself, “Gold, you look like a chuckie doll
Then he changed his mind. He said, ” No Gold, you look like that green dude BLANKA, from street fighter
Then he said, ” You know, what…not even. You look like that guy Vega from Dragon Ball Z
Then after he saw that I was pissed…”Ok Gold, I really don’t care about your hair…you drive me crazy…but I worry about what they will say at your job.

I proceeded to pull up to a bus stop burst into tears and tell him “Get the F%*K” out my car.

Ok I’m lying …about the “Get the F%*K” out my car part. But I cried so hard last night my eyes are swollen. He felt so bad, he apologized and said “This is my fault, I’m sorry for pressuring you Gold“…because ultimately, THE ONLY reason why I didn’t get my normal full head of weave was because he said he really wanted to see my “Natural Beauty“. I’m cute…with weave, or without…BUT for me…going natural is different than most people I’ve read that went through the journey of going natural. I can go natural. Anyone can…but for me its the difference between looking 26 years old and looking 14. Corporate vs Playground. Clubbing vs Club Med.

Even my mom, who sorry to say doesn’t have the best sense when it comes to hair and fashion said…”Maybe you should skip church and go get your hair re-done.” Well I am. All you church go-ers…say a special prayer for me and my hair follicles. Thanks.

*the views expressed by Gold are not indicative of how all of us feel. clearly, we love natural beauties, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions 🙂

L’Elephant Rose Trunk Show

12 May

The wonderful Sherisa over at L’Elephant Rose will be hosting her very first Trunk Show at Exhale Spa in Soho on Friday and Saturday (5.15 and 5.16). Be sure to visit her site for more details!

An example of a few of my favorite pieces from L’Elephant Rose:


Just a tip: Ms. Sherisa puts felt (correct me if I’m wrong Sherisa!) on the back of her hair accessories so the hair is not irritated (a major plus for all us natural curly girls!). 


Natural Hair = Healthy Body?

4 May

Most women of color dread hot weather, especially women with relaxed hair. To us, nothing can be worse than “sweating my perm out” – which was personally my excuse for not heading to the gym and being careful when…yenno haha. A Fox News report from Chicago examines the relationship between Black women and their hair and the rising trend of women with natural hair. Health officials are hoping that more women with natural hair means more women working out, seeing as how 75% of Black women are overweight. I don’t necessarily agree with how the anchors presented the story, nor with the styles that were presented (the anchor is not natural, her hair is just curled). Nonetheless, the actual point of the story is interesting, check it out here.

What are your thoughts on this? Does one need to go natural to get that workout in?

Tips for the Natural Sista: Put a little spring in your hair

26 Apr

Nothing can brighten up your do’ quite like a pretty flower tilting your fro to one side.  A flower in your hair is an easy way to add flair to your style which creates for a beautiful and unique twist on the ordinary.  With comments ranging from Billie Holiday to “A Fly mamacita”, I’m sure that flower will light up your day. 

If you don’t have time to pick a fresh one, you can go to just about any store and grab one. Flowers as accessories are looking to be this seasons’ favorite treat.  My favorite place to pick up some tress embellishments is Forever 21. A few examples…

Forever 21, $3.80

Forever 21, $7.80

Forever 21, $3.80

We suggest taking a walk in the park though, and going out and enjoying the weather! 😉