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Graduates of 2009-Don’t be afraid to EXPLORE

21 May

There is a statistic somewhere that says 80% of graduates do NOT get a job in their graduating field.  Almost to suggest that a college degree doesn’t hold half the weight that it put you through for 4 “I can’t take it anymore”, grueling years.  I like to think of college as an experience itself and not just an education.  It is preparation for your adult life and a test of your character.  If you don’t have a job in the field you graduated in, your degree was certainly not a waste.

Like myself, for example, I graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  Most people are surprised and intrigued.  They want to know how am I going to use it and where can I get a job with that degree, so on and so forth.  But to be honest, I could care less.  I don’t want to be a chemist or work in a lab.  But if nothing else, my degree taught me that I could be vigilant about something.  I learned that I enjoy challenges and I am determined.  I realized that my passions were involved with connecting with people.  I haven’t yet found a career that harbors all of my interests (I probably will have several) but I won’t allow myself to be bullied into a career I don’t care for.  Don’t settle for a career that you know you won’t enjoy.  You are only young once, and there is no time like the present to explore yourself.