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BLISS Spa and Gilt Groupe Team Up!

16 Sep

With Fashion Week wrapping up (and honestly, who just doesn’t need a break?), Bliss Spa is teaming up with Gilt Groupe for a luxury experience out of this world. Log in today and treat yourself to the pampering of a lifetime!

From R&B tunes to a brownie buffet (seriously?!), Bliss Spa is the place to go to unwind, relax and beautify. You’ll be able to choose from its popular Triple Oxygen Treatment, a three-step complexion-reviving facial; the Blissage 75, a heavenly full-body rubdown; and the Homme Improvement Facial, a must for any well-groomed guy;  to name a few. Or, bring home the spa-quality treatment with Zest to Thrill, a citrus-scented bath set; Peeling Groovy, a gentle exfoliating formula; Hot Salt Scrub, a luxurious DIY skin-soother, and more.

If you’re not interested in going in to the spa or you simply just can’t get to it, you can snag a few beauty products from the Bliss line. Our favorite:

Hot Salt ScrubHot Salt Scrub is perfect for at-home treatments. This body buffer is eucalyptus and rosemary laden, so pores will be open and refreshed while impurities seem to magically disappear.

The sale ends Monday, 9/20, at Noon so get the going while it’s hot!


Have Fun in Harlem this Weekend!

16 Sep

There are two very nice events happening in Harlem this weekend. Join MASQUE Magazine as we watch the arts come alive Uptown!

One of the hosts is Jon Valdez of, we’ll be there!

A performance by Peter Hadar, brunch, massages, yoga AND an art exhibit? You have GOT to be kidding. We’re there!

Come hang with us in Harlem for the fun this weekend. If you see us, stop us and say hello!

Free Dessert Day!

15 Sep

You are now granted a once in a lifetime opportunity – the chance to act like a kid in a candy store! As part of a nation-wide promotion for the premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts hosted by Gail Simmons, you are entitled to a free dessert at participating restaurants! From NY to LA, prepare to feast your eyes on a dessert for 2.*

Visit OpenTable to take your pick from participating restaurants (there are honestly so many restaurants included, it will be hard to choose!)

*The offer stands if you make a reservation and each diner orders an entree. Still better than nothing, if you ask us!

Go Vote: Primary Elections Today!

14 Sep

There are still a few hours left (approximately 6, actually) until the polls close in NYC for the Primary Election.

The New York Times does a great job of breaking down those who are in the race, so be informed then get out there and vote New York City!

(For those of you not in New York State, HuffPo has you covered…)

MASQUE Magazine on Twitter

14 Sep

If you haven’t already, please check us out on Twitter! We’re having so much fun on there already 🙂

And don’t forget, we also have the Facebook Fan Page

Popluxe by Richie Rich S/S 2011

13 Sep

Such an entertaining show! Ballerinas, violinists and tons of glitter balanced assless chaps, drag queens, and Ellen Degeneres.  Inspired by his muse, pop singer Kristine Elezaj, Rich uses beautiful ballerinas set the stage while Caitlin Moe and DJ Mia Moretti really got the show pumping. Our favorite from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Jujubee, even stomped down the runway! The vintage feminine frocks were a nod to the victorian era, with ruffles and rosettes galore. Capped off with to-die-for shoes, this show was truly a party. It’s a must-see!

Mia Moretti Violinist Caitlin Moe and DJ Mia Moretti perform on the runway at the Richie Rich Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City.

Violinist Caitlin Moe with DJ Mia Moretti

Part 1:

Part 2:

The girls of Coco & Breezy! Love their couture eyewear as always!

Naima Mora of America’s Next Top Model fame was stunning! Such a beautiful and warm personality.

This cute little girl was a fashion writer, and she’s only 11 years old! If anyone knows who she is, please let us know!

Scallywag & Vagabond did an excellent piece on this show, check it out here.

MASQUE Out & About: Fabsugar + MBFW

13 Sep

What’s sugary sweet and fashionable to beat?

The MASQUE girls took some down time from all the Fashion Week hysteria to catch some R&R will the women of FabSugar. At 632 on Hudson, we dipped into a candy bar, had some cotton candy and delicious Sofia champagne while the DJ spun tunes. We even watched as women got glam courtesy of Bobbi Brown and coifed courtesy of Sally Hershberger Downtown.

The event was hosted at the Elizabeth and James Pop-Up Shop. Such functional and fun clothing!

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Our Favorite Moment: MTV VMA’s

13 Sep

Kelly: It wasn’t the clothes or the performances. One word…Ross. And how could you not love Chelsea Handler?

On another note, was Gaga not incredibly human this show? She wasn’t her usual nonchalant-but-intense self this time around. I absolutely loved it.


Stephanie: “Mariah Carey couldn’t be here tonight. Tomorrow’s the first day of nursery school for Nick Cannon” — Chelsea Handler.


Melissa: Linkin Park performance was awesome and Kanye’s performance was very good; dynamic. Epic. And honestly, I liked Justin Beiber’s performance. That little kid is so cool!


Ruth: Usher’s performance was the most memorable. Not because he slid across the VMA stage w/ a smoothness I never saw. But moreso because it justified my reason for favoring the seasoned male rookies of R&B. Usher was def a heart throb when I was younger but singing a nice tune and pop locking is not enough these days to have me captivated. Venturing in other “front stage” avenues of success (acting, cross over collaborations, etc) are def options that are available to artists who may not be as limber as they used to be and who are slowly losing their pizzaz.

Men + GF’s + Concerts

11 Sep

Fellas, a word to the wise…

Don’t touch your girlfriend while she’s taking in the show of an IMMENSELY sexy crooner. Just let her enjoy her moment.

During Fashion’s Night Out, a few of the MASQUE ladies witnessed something so, so sad – a man trying to hold his girlfriend while she was watching Robin Thicke girate and practically molest a microphone stand. We watched as her knees buckled and she screamed everytime Sir Thicke hit a high note.

We know, you think your contact will be reminding her that you’re still there. Don’t you worry about it – chances are she already forgot about you because she’s salivating over said crooner. Chalk it up as a loss.

To avoid this altogether, take that ticket you bought for yourself and give it to one of her girlfriends! LOL This way, she won’t have to deal with you distracting her and she will have someone to share her excitement with. Just a thought 🙂

50th Anniversary of The Pill

10 Sep

Since the 1960’s, The Pill has been the most chosen form of contraception in the United States. It gave women a sexual freedom, and gave others a way of maintaining a steady hormonal balance. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill and today it’s hard to imagine life without it. But there was sex prior to The Pill.  Many years ago women resorted to using lemons, wood and even Lysol for contraception. Birth control has come a long way, and it’s time to celebrate it!

Dawn Stacey, an expert on The Pill, is an advocate and an expert. From being’s expert on contraception to counseling for over 13 years, Stacey has a strong hold on the history of the oral contraceptive, things that are happening today, and what the future of The Pill holds. We got a chance to have a conversation with her:

Catch our conversation here

Be safe and informed ladies, and celebrate you!