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Wednesday (6.30.10) Events in NYC

30 Jun

Happy Hump Day! Take some time to take in the scene and attend some events this Wednesday if you’re in the New York City area.

Our resident Techie, Ms. Tineey, will be hosting a Sangria Social for Social Media Day. Held at the Pierre Hotel, the event will have five different Sangria flavors and raffles every half hour. The kicker? If you blog or tweet about #SangriaSocial before the event and print it out, you get to enjoy a glass of sangria on the house!

Speaking of good friends, the family over at Goodies Magazine (hey Jordan!) are hosting a Rugged Sole event in conjunction with Toms Shoes. Get a custom pair of Toms, penned by artist Mishka while sipping on Chairman’s Reserve.

As always, there are heaps of events going on in NYC on a Wednesday, but we wanted to share the couple that are closest to our hearts. Have fun!


Forever 21 Times Square: Epic.

25 Jun

For native New Yorkers, Times Square is an absolute nightmare full of fanny packs, suntan lotion, and tube socks. And things may or may not get better.

Forever 21 is opening a location in Times Square. If you’re around on Friday, June 25th, be sure to stop by the opening celebration with lots of free goodies!

The craziness that comes with Forever 21’s popularity will pack the house, undoubtedly. We’ll be driven crazy, but we’re also really interested to see what they did with the old Virgin Megastore, so we’ll stop by for a gander!

Speaking of our beloved Forever 21, our Beauty Editor Stephanie stopped by Walk on Water, the flagship store opening bash which was part fashion, part show premiere. “To Be A Star” focused on six girls trying to make it in the modeling industry who spent three months in New York City practicing their craft and learning from the best of the best (their journey is chronicled on  During the event, attendees were able to learn a bit about the models through sound clips which were intermingled with the runway show, displaying a bit of what Forever 21 has for the Summer season. It all took place on the trendy and functional Frying Pan, one of the city’s lightships which has been converted into a floating restaurant. Here’s some flicks…

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One Year, MJ.

25 Jun

With the former King of Pop’s death, we were too stunned to actually write about it. So we will take the time to celebrate his life on the anniversary of his surprising and untimely death.

One of my favorite films as a child was Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. When he turned from a man to a motor vehicle in the back of the alley was uncanny – I couldn’t begin to fathom how he did it. And I’m still scared of Joe Pesci until this day.

Here is the first clip of Moonwalker for your viewing pleasure, via Youtube. Catch the rest of the clips of the movie here.


Eye Candy: Mehcad Brooks

25 Jun

We are not one for updating Eye Candy. There’s honestly too many good looking ones out there to keep up. But every now and then, there is one that catches our eye that we just feel compelled to share with you all…

His name is Mehcad Brooks. And he is beautiful.

The actor (most recently spotted in Just Wright and True Blood, yeah!) has become insanely popular within the past two years. And with this new photoshoot from the latest issue of GQ Magazine, we can understand why.

We know its 90 degrees in New York City, but this photoshoot is making it extra hot in here!

Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash 2010

25 Jun

Nothing tickles a girl’s fancy like a good sample sale. The Masque ladies got the chance to make our rounds at the Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash June 2nd, and got in touch with some great local designers.

Marzee (Unique Women’s Apparel and Accessories), Apart Style (which we will be seeing more of because of a Tineey feature that we’ll get back to later!), “The Bra Book” by Jene Luciani, and many more were on hand to showcase their handmade goods.

My favorite designer of the night was JaHanna Martinez, who crafted the lovely headbands that I swooned over the entire night! I fell in love so much, I took tons of pictures to remind myself of how lovely her product was. The headbands were made entirely of luxe fabrics, with the prettiest of the batch being a couple silk numbers.

Since 2001, Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash events have given women a chance to have fun in a girls-only atmosphere. Shoppers get discounts and goodies, and the opportunity to swoon and spend to their hearts desire! Upwards of 75 designers have been featured at Fashion Bash across the nation, allowing them to connect directly with their demographic.

As we always say, happy shopping!

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Internet Week NY 2010

25 Jun

FINALLY catching up with Internet Week NY pictures, Tineey and I made our rounds at a couple events. Our first stop was a Digital Divas Mixer (which was excellent!). We then made our way to the Wix Lounge for a celebratory event, where Brandon Kreiss (Wix Director of Development) announced the development of the Wix Lounge – which Tineey and I will visit once it’s opened to give you all a sneek peek. The Wix event was the home of the “Wix Wall of Ideas” which can be found in the slideshow.

Last but certainly not least, Tineey and I made our way to a PepsiCo event where we met the wonderfully talented Cavaughn, a digital marketer. All in all, Internet Week was a great time! If you are in the NYC area and interested in the interwebs (who isn’t, really?), please be sure to make your way to Internet Week 2011. Maybe you’ll catch us Masque girls at our own event 😉

*Be sure to visit Tineey’s blog for the in-depth IWNY scoop!

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iOS4 Updating…

25 Jun

Apple released the update every fanboy and fangirl has been waiting for. The new 4.0 software promises many features we’ve been craving since the initial announcement. There are promises of over 100 new updates to the old operating system for the mobile device. Highlights of what can we expect…

MULTITASKING Now third party apps are able to run in the background, and the user will be able to easily switch between apps without disruption. This means Pandora will keep playing when you tap over to check your inbox.

FOLDERS Alas…organization! Easy drag and drop feature of apps into selected folders. It allows the iPhone to hold up to 2160 apps! (Unless you’ve jailbroken your phone, these features will amaze you)

iBOOKS The most exciting add-on feature to the software — no longer exclusive to the iPad. Just like the Kindle and the nook, now you can browse, shop and read your favorite titles on the handheld.

5x DIGITAL ZOOM + TAP TO FOCUS VIDEO Self explanatory. Investments in large clunky devices are no longer needed, unless you’re pro.

BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD Support. Yes, for whatever reason, when you need to write up an essay on your iPhone, you can now type with ease with the use of a physical keyboard. Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.

This should hold me over until I get my hands on an iPhone4.

Vote for Gabi to be MTV’s First TJ!

22 Jun

One of my favorite lovelies, Gabi from Young Fat & Fabulous, has made it to the Top 20’s to be an MTV Twitter Jockey.

What an awesome job, right?!

Reppin’ Chi-Town (at the moment), Gabi is just a breath of fresh air! The head chick in charge at YFF, Gabi is also a Plus-Size Rep for VOGUE. Follow her on Twitter and check out her video on! MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW HER! Check the video here.

Rachel Stewart Jewelry + naKIMuli for Juneteenth

21 Jun

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is a holiday in the United States honoring African American heritage by commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. State of Texas in 1865. Celebrated on June 19, the term is aportmanteau of June and nineteenth, and is recognized as a state holiday in 36 states of the United States.

This year, we commemorated Juneteenth in style with one of our favorite up-and-coming jewelry designers, Rachel Stewart and clothing designer naKIMuli.

Rachel Stewart’s Collection is a splendid contortion of vintage, opulence, gaud and pride. Her cameo necklaces and earrings sport the likes of Michael Jackson, Foxy Brown and Stevie Wonder. She falls in love with the idea of the big life with diamonds, Chanel and Louis Vuitton logo gold-plates. African Continents laden with animal prints, laser cut afro picks, and big bow headbands made of tribal cloth round out her offerings.

MASQUE faves:

Another crowd favorite, naKIMuli Inc. (recently spotted on LoveBrownSugar), translates her pride into clothing pieces. Bold shoulders, loud prints, and body-conscious silhouettes catapult this collection into another stratosphere. And she offers a banging Plus-Size section (for all my Curvy Girls, you know I’m all over it!).

MASQUE faves:

Visit Rachel Stewart’s Shop and Twitter, and naKIMuli Inc’s Shop and Twitter.

Many a proud woman we are, and the days have come where we are reaching down back into our roots. We hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Eyebrow Intervention Day!

17 Jun

We’ve all had it. That brief moment in time where your eyebrows are comparable to a fuzzy caterpillar. With warm weather, bad brows are a no no!

RAMY Beauty Therapy Group

Thanks to RAMY and Duane Read LOOK Boutiques, June 17th (today!) is Eyebrow Intervention Day. Visit any RAMY Makeup & Brow Bar at Duane Read LOOK Boutiques and get a free eyebrow shaping (this is normally upwards of $30).

51 W 51st Street (6th Ave.)

1350 Broadway (35th Street)

127-137 8th Ave. (16th Street)

Stop at these stores and get your free eyebrow shaping today!