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Ads come to LIFE in Germany!

27 Feb

Well not really, but almost… still just as cool 😛

This technology came out last year in early december i believe, but its never to late to blog about something 😉

How tired are we of not grapsing the full …picture.. for lack of a better word when looking at an advertisment of a product we are interested in buying? More often than not we walk away with the overall wrong impression of products we see in ads or catalouges.  I know I’m become highly annoyed when I see something I like, haul my lazy self all the way to the store to get it, and then come to find it’s not what I really expected.

How cool woutd it be to see something in 3D on paper? to give us a better idea of what the entire product looks like instead of just a snap shot of the front and the side???

well people, Germany is 5 steps ahead of us.

check out these 3D ads.


all you need is a webcam to enjoy and who doesnt have one of those by now, its 2009!