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51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Engaged

16 Nov

I’ll admit it, I am a lucky girl.

To have found what so many women look for at the age I did is almost a miracle. There’s butterflies, trust, romance and friendship…so what about the next step?

51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Engaged is a collection of wisdoms from psychotherapist Michael Batshaw, a husband and a father. Based on observations and personal experiences, 51 Things is what Batshaw offers to the modern woman as a guide for relationships moving into the next phase.

Examples of some of the  “things”:

3. Beware of the person of your dreams. (if something seems perfect, there is almost always something wrong with it…)

6. Great Sex will NOT save a mediocre relationship! (amen!)

19. Be Open to Discussing Your Family’s Problems – You’ve probably Inherited some of them Anyway (I agree with Batshaw, environmental issues are usually passed down and patterns should be discussed)

28. Couples Who Don’t Argue are In TROUBLE! (Contrary to what some believe…)

Batshaw offers up these and forty-seven other pieces of advice that I’m sure you’ll want to take into consideration. Not only does Batshaw give you tips, he challenges you to delve deeper into your relationship after each one. In assessing your relationship before taking that big leap, this can prove to be very helpful.

This purse-sized gem is intended for the up-to-date lady on the go, seeking wisdom at her convenience. No more calling mom or your girlfriends for help, 51 Things is all you need! Haha, no seriously, this book  is chock-full things you may not have thought about before in your relationship. I suggest you ladies (and gentlemen!) all get out and pick up a copy of 51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Engaged. We don’t want you to get into something without being fully aware of what you’re getting yourselves into 😉

“51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Married” is written by psychotherapist Michael Bratshaw. Published by Turner Publishing Company.