Pre Game Texturizing Spray Product Review

7 Aug
One of the most trying things for a girl can be the management of her hair, especially in the hot and humid summer months.  While some of us may have wash-n-go hair, others need a little more attention.  Add the beach environment (which is basically synonomous with summertime) and there’s another level of frustration.
In comes Pre Game Texturizing Spray. From the makers of the All Nighter Styling Powder, Pre Game aids in the “just-from-the-beach” style, giving hair a tousled look.  It also boasts to help with the “3pm droop” by giving hair a natural looking boost.
A scrunch-tastic, spritz-sational all-natural texturizing spray for beachy texture and piece-y-ness. Pre Game adds a gentle hold (kinda like memory), gives ‘sproing’ to flat ‘dos and is a PERFECT compliment to The All Nighter Styling Powder! Formulated with Himalayan pink and Dead Sea salts (for those hair days highs and lows), pure Aloe, and a touch of nourishing Argan oil, Pre Game Texturizing Spray is beneficial for your hair and scalp! Use it before you style – it works great on squeaky clean hair OR for hair that suffers from the dreaded ‘mid-day drop’ (y’know around 3 pm?) – anytime your hair needs a little kick in the pants!
Now of course this had to be put to the test.  I had a few girlies with different hair textures, myself included, try the product to see what the outcome would be. While they may say it works for all, we need our own proof and an impromptu experiment never hurt anybody!  Four ladies tested the spray:
I, myself, have pretty curly hair (think biracial butterfly, with a nice balance of  B+W parental DNA when it comes to the hair) and usually use curl cremes and leave in conditioners to manage my curls in their natural state. I found that when Pre Game was applied to my hair (alone, gasp!) and air dried, it did provide the aesthetic of “just from the beach” but not in a good way. There was definitely body but I usually need something to control the frizzies.  However, used in conjunction with other products, more like leave in conditioners, it is helpful and smells great.  And the added boost boast is true in my case, it does help to revive hair that’s fallen a bit flat.
Jennifer is an inter-ethnic baby too with Caucasian and South American origins whose hair is thick and wavy, au natural but who usually straightens her hair.  She found that after applying on damp hair and being put up in a messy bun to dry, the Texturizing Spray did offer a nice wave but that results did not last for hours.
Allie is our Jewish American princess (with Eastern European roots) with extra thick wavy hair who usually straightens it.  She tried the spray and had the worst results.  To her, it was just a frizzy, uncontrollable mess and it was not something she even wanted to document! (lol).
Jessica is of Puerto Rican descent, with long wavy to straight hair who usually leaves it as is but does help it along with a curling iron from time to time.  After applying the Texturizing Spray to wet hair and letting air dry, these were her fabulous results:
The body and shape she loved, as well as the scent. However when it was applied to dry hair she felt the appearance, while still with some wave, was straw like and not flattering hence reapplication wasn’t a fav choice for her. Yet it did give her hair the beachy look, making her hair a little messier.
While we can all agree is smells lovely (thanks to a hint of coconut oil) and technically it does do what it claims – giving you that just from the beach look – but it’s not for everybody.  It can be helpful to those who tease it up a bit or doctor it with other products, mostly helping to encourage the hair textures that have some bounce in them already.  For those with extra curly or kinky hair, it will probably not do much at all.  For those striving for the kinda tangled, bed-heady look, its actually quite perfect.  But check it out for yourself! It may be your new alternative to pregamming other than a good cocktail. Just visit  The All Nighter, home of this and other beauty products. You can also order it from our beloved Urban Outfitters and it runs for about $22.
Disclosure: We received this product from the brand’s publicist to test out!

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