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Cee-lo Green’s “F*ck You”…

26 Aug

…is the breakup song of the century.

Never mind the explicit – it’s not used in a crass manner. It’s really just speaking to how we all feel sometimes. I know you’ve all been in that breakup where you’re just hurt and confused and just want to scream “F**K YOU!!!”.

This song is it.

Not to mention it has a catchy melody and will be the end of the summer earworm – straight until Labor Day, I bet.

Grab some ice cream and some napkins, boys and girls. This one’s a goodie.


Janelle Monae: “Cold War”

15 Aug

After seeing Janelle Monae perform this song live (via an Erykah Badu performance during the early summer in NYC), it’s no surprise that her video is full of emotion. In a time where identities are easily confused and the value of self is constantly in question, this song is right on time. D’Angelo-esque in nature, please enjoy the video!