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It’s Me…ILLY!

14 Sep

Allow us to introduce you to Illy-D, our new Melody Editor! She’s funky and passionate about all things Music. Not only does she work in the industry, she loves the history of it all! She’ll be digging in her crates weekly to bring you all her favorites…

There is nothing like a good song to articulate your life at the moment. Or just a good beat to get you going like no Red Bull can. What about that singer that just performed their heart out and left you dumb-founded, in awe and gasping? Now what about that song that reminded you of that other song that you heard on that throwback radio station?  I love moments like that and will be bringing you all the music mania I can. My ears do not deceive me and I won’t you. If it sounds similar chances are it is, and the paperwork was already handled to cover the costs of it. When it comes to music I’m like a kid in Coldstone – “Lemme get the can’t get enough”!

The name is Illy-D and I will be your link to the music portion of this Masque experience. What I will bring to your computer screens every week is what I like to call “Something Old, Something New…” The something old will be a new song by an established artist and the something new will be an artist I think you should learn more about, pretty basic right?

I’m also bringing you “Something Borrowed in Rhythm & Blues.” We all know that there are a plethora of samples lurking about in the jams we know and love. So my something borrowed will be my attempt to bring to your attention a sample you may have known of before.

As we embark on this musical journey, know that we are all apart of this Melodic Ship sailing the seas of new releases and old hits. Consider me your Co-Captain Illy-D….ALL ABOARD!!


Our Favorite Moment: MTV VMA’s

13 Sep

Kelly: It wasn’t the clothes or the performances. One word…Ross. And how could you not love Chelsea Handler?

On another note, was Gaga not incredibly human this show? She wasn’t her usual nonchalant-but-intense self this time around. I absolutely loved it.


Stephanie: “Mariah Carey couldn’t be here tonight. Tomorrow’s the first day of nursery school for Nick Cannon” — Chelsea Handler.


Melissa: Linkin Park performance was awesome and Kanye’s performance was very good; dynamic. Epic. And honestly, I liked Justin Beiber’s performance. That little kid is so cool!


Ruth: Usher’s performance was the most memorable. Not because he slid across the VMA stage w/ a smoothness I never saw. But moreso because it justified my reason for favoring the seasoned male rookies of R&B. Usher was def a heart throb when I was younger but singing a nice tune and pop locking is not enough these days to have me captivated. Venturing in other “front stage” avenues of success (acting, cross over collaborations, etc) are def options that are available to artists who may not be as limber as they used to be and who are slowly losing their pizzaz.

Cee-lo Green’s “F*ck You”…

26 Aug

…is the breakup song of the century.

Never mind the explicit – it’s not used in a crass manner. It’s really just speaking to how we all feel sometimes. I know you’ve all been in that breakup where you’re just hurt and confused and just want to scream “F**K YOU!!!”.

This song is it.

Not to mention it has a catchy melody and will be the end of the summer earworm – straight until Labor Day, I bet.

Grab some ice cream and some napkins, boys and girls. This one’s a goodie.

Janelle Monae: “Cold War”

15 Aug

After seeing Janelle Monae perform this song live (via an Erykah Badu performance during the early summer in NYC), it’s no surprise that her video is full of emotion. In a time where identities are easily confused and the value of self is constantly in question, this song is right on time. D’Angelo-esque in nature, please enjoy the video!

Yahzarah: “The Tickler (Daddy Go Faster)

15 Jul

Natural beauty at its absolute finest, Yahzarah aka Purple St James, has a voice that will blow your mind. Her range is galactic and her versatility is enormous.

On the road (she hit NYC recently), the Foreign Exchange extract has released her latest single, “The Tickler (Daddy Go Faster)”. A sexy ode to a very special mister, this is an intense video for an intense woman!

Lyrics of the week…

13 Jul

Oh my Goshhhhhhhh… Who doesn’t like this song??!!

Hip-hop heads, techno lovers and pop fanatics can all relate.  And after 14 weeks, this song is still going strong.

“Baby Let me love you down, there’s so many ways to luv ya

Baby I can break you down, there’s so many ways to luv ya

Got me like oh my gosh, I’m so in luv, I found you finally like

You make me wanna say, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my GOSH”

Hmmm, undoubtedly this song is known more for the addictive beat than it’s lyrics, but when I stopped dancing and starting listening, the song definitely made me chuckle:

“This was something special, this was just like dynamite”

Well yes, dynamite is special… I guess.

Or better yet:

“Baby got some boobies like wow oh wow”

He he, C’monnnn are we in 2nd grade now Ush?  I mean, I literally was LOL on the train with that last line.  The lyrics are terrible sophomoric and yet, Usher managed to turn this into a smash.  I mean play everyday, feel-good, pop ya booty SMASH.  I guess that’s why Usher is Usher.  Gotta love him.

So while I press repeat on my iPod, I’ll keep dancing on this one.  I mean, how philosophical do you need to get in the club?

Until next time, remember, Life is a melody to love, listen & move.

Corinne Bailey Rae: “Closer”

8 Jul

A week since its release, Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Closer” still has me mesmerized. Feathers, roller skates, disco balls, and full on glamour, this video encapsulates all that is feminine and sensual – without being overtly sexual and semi-disgusting.

And her hair! Ohhhh, that hair…sends my mind into another galaxy.

Don’t forget, Corinne Bailey Rae’s latest release, The Sea is still available worldwide.

One Year, MJ.

25 Jun

With the former King of Pop’s death, we were too stunned to actually write about it. So we will take the time to celebrate his life on the anniversary of his surprising and untimely death.

One of my favorite films as a child was Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. When he turned from a man to a motor vehicle in the back of the alley was uncanny – I couldn’t begin to fathom how he did it. And I’m still scared of Joe Pesci until this day.

Here is the first clip of Moonwalker for your viewing pleasure, via Youtube. Catch the rest of the clips of the movie here.


Theophilus London + Vashtie “I Want You” Video

8 Jun

One of my personal favorites, Theophilus London is a killer. Charming, expressive, and down-to-earth, this guy is guaranteed to make you swoon. Not to mention his production and beats knock very hard and are a surefire way to start any girl’s party night.

His new video, the title jam from his I Want You Mixtape, “I Want You” was directed by Vashtie (Pharrell’s old girl, remember?). Vashtie has directed a hit-list of videos, including “Us Placers” by Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, “T.O.N.Y.” by Solange, “One Time” by Justin Beiber, and some other goodies.

Theophilus in his description of the video:

the visuals of this piece would match the sexual sound of the song. shot less like a typical music video and more like a 60’s experimental french new wave film, our story takes place on a hot and steamy summer night in the CHELSEA HOTEL.


Second Chance at Rih and Ke$ha!

8 Jun

If you missed the chance to get tickets for Rihanna’s Last Girl On Earth tour’s stop in NYC at Madison Square Garden, here’s your second chance to see the Bajan Princess in concert this summer. While Rih Rih and Ke$ha are in the NY area, they will also be performing at the Nikon at Jones Beach theater in August.

Now you may feel like you have no luck with public ticket sale dates, try buying your tickets during the upcoming presale with Live Nation! Presale starts tomorrow at 10am on their website using the password: tickets. Citi card holders can take a chance at tickets at the Nikon at Jones Beach theater now – using the first 6-digits of their card number as the password should grant you access to this presale!