You Match? Pish Posh!

28 Mar

Remember back when matching was essential?

Think back to middle school when the kicks were fresh and you had the matching belt that picked up some of the color from the shoe; then you had the partnered with the tee. Holler.

Not only did you NEED to match, but you needed to be color coordinated. But that whole scene is just that – juvenile. (We all know there are “sneaker heads” over the age of 18, the discussion of which deserves another post wholly unto itself.)

Think “matchy-matchy” no more. As adults, and creatures with developing style habits, think outside of the elementary color-coding mold. The key is not matching, but “going” – the true definition of coordination. Neutrals go with anything, and even if you’ve already got on color, a pop of a brighter, contrasting color always works. Break out the patterns and prints; throw in warm hues or cool brights; whether rich saturated colors or subtle and muted, coordinating is essential to one’s style.

No need to go too crazy though. Here’s one scenario just for one casual day-to-day imagery: replace your regular blue jeans with a muted pair of red denim, a white tee, brown flats, and a gray leather jacket. Top it all off with a lighter gray scarf and a pop of color in your bag – say mustard – and voila! Nothing in that ensemble matches, but it goes. For an example of how to add some pops of color to an evening outfit:

evening outfit with pops of colorSimple.

posted by: Glamazon324 and Victoria


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