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Commuter-cation: I’m Scared of Pregnant People

31 Aug

I’m a Christian woman with many fears (a character flaw which probably has Jesus PO’d at me). One of my biggest fears is pregnant women…walking the streets.

pregnant warrior with deer-hooks by dizznbonn.


I think they should walk with little signs on their backs, like little bibs that track runners wear. A “P” on it will do. It can stand for “pregnant” or “pouch”. If they have one on, when I’m rushing behind them to catch the train…see the “P” on their backs and know this is a Kangaroo–baby onboard.

The sign is necessary! From the back I can’t see the belly bulge. I fear that I will scream at a pregnant woman who is taking too long in front of me — trying to catch that train her belly will most likely make the both of us miss.

I think they should stay home during their entire pregnancy. I know this is unrealistic because of the recession and this incurable and unstoppable outbreak of SingleMomitis. I fear they slip during cold winters or someone rushing might clip the back of their shoes. Because of this, amidst the hustle and bustle of NYC life, I take my time. I pretend everyone is pregnant (Men and Women). I keep as much distance as Usain Bolt and second place when I see these pregnant people. You should too.

Lord, help me…get to work on time.

-picture by dizznbonn. She doesn’t share my fear…even though a lot of pregnant women want to buss me up right now.



31 Aug

Incognegro is graphic novel revolving around the title character’s efforts to use his penman’s anonymity for good.  Due to his fair complexion, Zane Pinchback, and his ability to pass, allow him access to a world which would be not only closed off but dangerous for a black journalist to enter.  Using multiple personalities, Pinchback infiltrates lynchings, usually organized by the Klan, and publishes details that would otherwise be lost to the media world.  The story becomes more complex when he finds himself on the brink of retirement but is pulled into his last story due to a personal connection.  Smart, gripping, and an interesting commentary on race, as well as a critical lens into our country’s history, Incognegro is a must-read (particularly to those who can truly identify with the illusions of race and appearances).

What’s YOUR Masque?: Marie Denee

27 Aug

I’m not sure if you all are aware, but about 56% of American women are plus-size. Most designers are aware, but have yet to fully take heed. But not this woman!

Ms. Marie Denee hails from sunny California and…well, I’ll let you read the rest…

Let everyone know who you are and what you do: Well, my name is Marie, or Marie Denee. I am a fashion blogger for the discerning plus size fashionista. I aim to highlight all things fashion from the plus perspective.

What mantra do you live by? Keep it Curvy.Confident.Chic.

Any new projects in the works? On 09.09.09 I am launching the contemporary designer plus size boutique, Marie Denee. I am geeked about this!

So, Marie Denee is an upscale contemporary online boutique that offers today’s fashion forward, curvy, confident, and chic plus size woman, a sanctuary where she can confidently shop the latest designer fashions in her size, without sacrificing her desires for premium, fashion forward, and impeccably fit options.

What will you be doing to celebrate your new online boutique? I haven’t even thought that far, as it also coincides with my birthday this year!  We will party- this I know!

Anything lined up for 2010? I plan to open a physical location in Oakland, California!  In addition to building assortments and sourcing new and hard to find designers, I will be attending the BBW Empowerment Cruise as a seminar speaker!

and of course, we had our Masque questions! (check them after the jump…)

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Kate Moss for Topshop A/W 09

27 Aug

Fall Fashion Week 09 is on it’s way here in New York City, and the cup runneth over with excitement for new looks to be revealed. To keep everyone interested up until the big week starts, everyone starts to buzz online.

I got a hold of Kate Moss’ new line for Topshop, and I must say I’m impressed. I would not have imagined I’d be interested in this line, but there are some pieces that I really adore…

Purple sequin bandeau dress, £120

Purple sequin bandeau dress, £120

Printed dress, £50

Printed dress, £50

check for more under the jump…

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Oh. Mi. Bod!

26 Aug

Now we’re not usually ones to plug things like this, but I must say…

Imagine the sexiest scenario you can…candles lit, lights low, silk sheets…then you turn on your ipod.

…And it’s connected to your vibrator?

LOL yes I said it. Your vibrator.

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Eye Candy: Boris Kudjoe.

25 Aug

This weekend the sexy ensued in Atlanta, with celebrities coming out to celebrate the Carols Daughter VIP weekend with owner Carol Price. Look who popped his head in:

I could have done without the sneakers, but his outfit is sharp. Nothing like an impeccably dressed man. I’ll let this one marinate… 😉

Get Unique with Yannique Online Boutique

24 Aug

In these days and times, for most of us it has become a little harder to indulge and get that really expensive purse or that beautiful silk charmeuse top. Some sacrifices have to be made, ya know?

But every once in a while you find that hidden gem.

Yannique Online Boutique offers cute yet comfortable, cheap yet chic. Most of the pieces fall within the $20-$50 range, and the homemade clothing is sure to turn heads.

The shop features the work of five designers – Natalie Low, Tracy Ho, Cowgirl Heaven, Goldspun Designs, and Nic*Fish. Each designer has their own flair, so you’re sure to find something you like. My personal favorite pieces come from Houstina Summers of Cowgirl Designs. She takes simple pieces and adds some wow factor, like this simple tank that I fell in love with on sight:

For the true fashionista in you, NIC*FISH has some great convertible rompers, caftans, and harem pants, like this:

Be sure to stop by the Yannique webpage and take a look around. You won’t be disappointed! When shopping, make sure to use:

Promo Code: masque

You’ll recieve 10% off. Who doesn’t love that??

PS: I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mallory of Yannique Online Boutique for the Yannique Blog. Take a looksee if you can!

WE Channel’s Wedding Central Presents…

21 Aug

If you all can remember, I am slightly obsessed with all things bridal. My Sundays are dedicated to WE Channel’s Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding, Rich Bride Poor Bride, etc etc. So when my beau sent me this e-mail I was more than happy to find that…

WE's Wedding Central

Yes, WE Channel has created a new station dedicated to their Wedding Central sector. Available on io Channel 177, shows like Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Rich Bride Poor Bride and Platinum Weddings are on 24/7. Now I can watch some of my favorite shows whenever I want! Yessss!

aaaand we’re back!

21 Aug

Fresh off a well-deserved hiatus, we are back! Sorry to leave you so high and dry, but sometimes girls gotta do what they gotta do. But with a hiatus comes a breeding of new ideas and fun content. So sit back and enjoy 🙂