Product Review: Rx For Brown Skin

6 Jun

RX for Brown Skin, brought to us by Dr. Suzanne Taylor, is a skincare line dedicated to brown skin. Whether it be African-American, Latina, Asian, and all that lies between, our skin has varying needs that need to be met. We must retain moisture, our acne must be dealt with differently, and our epidermic diseases must be attacked from different angles. 

I’ve had serious skin issues lately (see here, and here, and…here :(), so I was incredibly relieved to hear of Rx for Brown Skin. I had the pleasure of trying two of the products, the Skin-Evening Body Butter and the Bright & Clear Collection for acne prone skin. 

I have the DRIEST skin I’ve ever witnessed. Really. In order to stay moisturized, I would probably have to lotion my body about three or four times a day. I’ve tried everything from Vaseline (bad idea, it clogs the pores!), raw shea butter (great, but takes forever to spread on skin), and just about every product that promises glowing, healthy, moisturized skin. Nothing works.

Rx for Brown Skin‘s Skin-Evening Body Butter has seemed to solve all my problems. With the first five ingredients being water, shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa seed butter, and coconut oil, you can’t really go wrong. The label reads:

  • Provides rich, intensive, hydration for dry skin 
  • Brightens and helps repair skin with encapsulated multi-vitamin and anti-oxidant blend
  • Helps promote even skin tone

This product delivered all that and more. Not to mention, it smells great (it is infused with vanilla and citrus, yum)! I carry this body butter with me everyday, and I sometimes wish it came in a travel size.

My acne, on the other hand, has me on the down and out. The problem slammed me in the face seemingly out of thin air, and I’ve tried every homemade solution I could find. It was time to try something store-bought. The Bright and Clear Collection is said to clear and brighten acne prone skin. Honestly, I was not as satisfied with this line like I was with the Body Butter. After two weeks, I did not see much of a difference. I used the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and botanical brightener together and kept a tight regimen (morning and night application). The acne that I had when I started the regimen remained, but no new acne popped up (relief!). Once I broke out of the regimen, though, I started breaking out even more. 

The Verdict: The body care line is remarkable. The butter is thick enough to make a difference in moisture, but not thick enough to feel like a mask of some sort. The acne care line, though, left me unsatisfied. I would recommend for a milder case of acne though. 

For more information on Rx for Brown Skin, visit here. You can also find the company’s products in Sephora. Enjoy!


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