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Tiger Woods…Kobe Woods…BRAVO!

28 Dec

Tiger Woods. Kobe Woods. Allegedly, Shaq Woods. Allegedly, Dwayne Wade Woods. Allegedly [some dude you know] Woods. The list continues. As woman after woman comes out of the wood works (pun intended), I can’t help but think about how all these star’s wives feel. After reading the post below, “51 things you should know before you get engaged,” I feel like…it doesn’t matter how much you know about your fiance…

The ENTIRE male species is full of GREAT actors. MY GOODNESS. Don’t get me wrong, women cheat. But men, only men can cheat, with very little motivation. Wife stays home, wife takes care of the children, wife cooks, wife cleans, yep…I got it alllllllll – except shorty right there. As if the lack of drama forces them to make drama. Continue reading