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Lush-ous Lickables: Whipped Lightning

12 Jul

If you’re like any normal young adult,  you probably frequent a pub or two during the weekend and thoroughly enjoy a good cocktail.  And if you’re like any normal homosapien, you enjoy a good whipped cream on….probably anything.

Whipped Lightning is happy  marriage of the two. Created in Atlanta, Georgia, the lovable Whipahol is a grain-alcohol infused whipped cream that comes in nine  flavors: Armaretto, White Chocolate Raspberry, Spiced Vanilla, Tropical Passion, Coconut, Macadamia, Cinnamon, Orange, and the summer flavor of Strawberry Colada.  There are a slew of recipes that can be spiced up with the various 36.5 proof flavored Whipahols. Our favorite?

Banana Strawberry Daquiri

So whether you’re being naughty or nice, keep Whipped Lightning in mind for a little change of pace!


Cinco de Mayo: Keep it cute!

4 May

We have all met these fine, fine gentleman before. Patron may have met you after work. Jose may have been there for you when things got rough. And Don? Oh Don, how we love you so.

If you’re like me, you’ve had one of the above tequilas at one time or another. And if you have experienced all three, we won’t judge you. It’s okay to dip into them all!

Cinco de Mayo just SCREAMS Tequila, so dust off your sombreros and let’s get down! Don’t grab the salt and limes just yet because we have a surprise…

Her name is Rosangel.

Check under the hood for cocktail recipes and the fabulous and exclusive restaurant in NYC that serves Rosangel at the bar!

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