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Mad Men Mania! – Season 4 Premiere Party

26 Jul

Holding a degree in Advertising, it’s only natural that I am nuts about Mad Men. Mad Men Mania is taking over New York City right now (I spotted lots of commuters in their best Betty and Joan garb!), with a sponsored season premiere screening taking place in Times Square right now. If you’re not so local (or you are in NYC and just can’t handle the humidity outside), take matters into your own hands and host a Mad Men Premiere Soiree for you and yours! Continue reading


I <3 Trashy Teen Dramas…

22 Jul

Summer TV is usually pretty crappy. The May-September season is typically a barren wasteland of reruns and has-been celebrity reality shows.

But if you’re like me and cheesy, slightly over-the-top teen dramas are your thing, then you’re in luck! TeenNick is changing its stale summertime routine. They’ve launched a brand new season of their wildly popular show based on the lives of Canadian high schoolers, Degrassi. With a few new faces, extended story lines, and even the series’ first transgendered character, this season promises to be an exciting one.

I honestly love this show, but past seasons have left a lot to be desired in terms of character development. Hopefully, the new “soap opera” format will change this and the shows writers can deliver on their promises of explosive scandals and secrets. We’ll see if Degrassi can take the place of my first “trashy drama” love, Skins.

New episodes of “Degrassi: The Boiling Point” air every weeknight this summer at 9pm on TeenNick.