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BLISS Spa and Gilt Groupe Team Up!

16 Sep

With Fashion Week wrapping up (and honestly, who just doesn’t need a break?), Bliss Spa is teaming up with Gilt Groupe for a luxury experience out of this world. Log in today and treat yourself to the pampering of a lifetime!

From R&B tunes to a brownie buffet (seriously?!), Bliss Spa is the place to go to unwind, relax and beautify. You’ll be able to choose from its popular Triple Oxygen Treatment, a three-step complexion-reviving facial; the Blissage 75, a heavenly full-body rubdown; and the Homme Improvement Facial, a must for any well-groomed guy;  to name a few. Or, bring home the spa-quality treatment with Zest to Thrill, a citrus-scented bath set; Peeling Groovy, a gentle exfoliating formula; Hot Salt Scrub, a luxurious DIY skin-soother, and more.

If you’re not interested in going in to the spa or you simply just can’t get to it, you can snag a few beauty products from the Bliss line. Our favorite:

Hot Salt ScrubHot Salt Scrub is perfect for at-home treatments. This body buffer is eucalyptus and rosemary laden, so pores will be open and refreshed while impurities seem to magically disappear.

The sale ends Monday, 9/20, at Noon so get the going while it’s hot!


Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats: The Doctor Is In!

14 Sep

We’ve been celebrating Fashion Week in NYC and boy do our feet hurt!

Luckily for us, before hitting the tents we checked in with the doctor – Dr. Scholl’s that is. He has a new accessory must-have that we did not catch on the runway. Essentially for the ladies who can not resist wearing their 4+ inch heels throughout a long day. Dr. Scholl’s new Fast Flats is here to give you a break from those 6 hour stilettos.

Fast Flats are flexible and discreet. They are easy to fold into your clutch or will take up close to zero space in the glove compartment of your car for emergencies. You can buy a pair with the accompanying wristlet online for about $10, or at most drug and mass retailers nationwide. Only available in woman’s sizes 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10.

We suggest having more than one pair as a precaution for those days when you just can’t take another step in your favorite pair of pumps.

NYC Parks and Recreation + Free Tennis Lessons

3 Aug

Though the month of August is upon us, there is still lots to do before this sunny season comes to a close. And more importantly, there is still lots to do for FREE!

NYC Parks and Recreation is offering free tennis lessons in the Bronx from now until August 11th. Get your best gear and game face on for a refresher or beginner lesson.  Every Monday and Wednesday hit with a pro at Williamsbridge Oval in the Norwood section of the Bronx (208th Street and Resevoir Oval). Session hours are from 9am – 12pm and registration can be completed during those program hours.

Visit the NYC Parks and Recreation website here to find other free and low cost activities that will help bring your summer to a memorable close.

Happy August!

DivaDance Discount!

28 Jul

$32 for a Four-Class Dance Package at DivaDance Company ($65 Value)

Dancing in six-inch heels is not only a great way to feel sexy, it can also pierce sidewalk jelly donuts, making it easier for passersby to slurp up the filling. Feel great and open up pastry-wells with today’s Groupon: for $32, you get a four-session package of either DivaHip Hop or DivaStrip dance classes at DivaDance Company (a $65 value), named the 2009 Best of New York Dance Class by amNewYork.

DivaDance Company’s all-levels classes, led by experienced instructors, create a community of hard-charging professional women who let loose with steamy steps. DivaHip Hop teaches dancers to spin and pop splits like the music-video stars featured on MTV, BET, and Lifetime. DivaStrip keeps it classy and clothed while developing major muscle groups and allure over bassy hip-hop beats and pulsing rock anthems. These Pussycat Dolls–inspired sessions use chairs, boas, pythons, hats, and scarves to get you sexy sweating and keep you warm during indoor snowstorms.

Check the schedule to see which upcoming four-week workshop fits your schedule. Classes are typically Monday evenings and offer the chance to participate in the company’s winter 2010 recital. If you’re not grooving on either dance option, the full value of this Groupon can be applied to the cost of private strip and bachelorette parties.


  • Experienced instructors
  • Choose from two classes
  • Fun, positive community
  • For women of all abilities, sizes

The Fine Print

  • Expires Mar 1, 2011
  • Limit 2 per person, may buy multiple as gifts. Reservation required. May apply full value toward private strip & bachelorette parties. Not valid with other offers.
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.

Source: Groupon

Scholarship to a fit body

13 Jul

Buttery fresh popcorn and movie nachos.

Back yard cookout burgers and hot dogs.

Cotton candy and funnel cake at theme parks.

And we can not forget soft served ice cream sundaes from the famous Mister Softee truck.

Ahhhh, the delectable joys of summer. Sure we enjoy most of these foods during any other season of the year but not in this abundance.  If you have control on your snack and fatty food intake, KUDOS! However, if this is making you realize that your waistline is slowly expanding, fear not! David Barton is here with a free ride!

With three locations in NYC (Astor Place, W23rd Street, and E85th Street), David Barton Gym is inviting first time visitors to sign up today and not pay for ANYTHING for the rest of the summer. Consider your gym tab being taken care of by DB himself. 🙂 This offer is for local residents of NYC and it ends on July 31st. What do you have to lose, but a couple of inches and pounds?

Sign up for this exclusive special at David Barton and kiss the extra summer 2010 weight good-bye 😉

Dr. Oz tips for Bikini Bods!

7 Jul

Summer has officially started (if you couldn’t tell with this August-like weather) and we all want to look our best on the beach.  The iconic Dr. Oz has made a simple list of things to help oneself get fit for the season. You’ll be happy to read that some are quite simple (and enjoyable), from letting people know that you’re trying to slim down, to making sure you eat breakfast, to getting laid!


The Skinny on New Male Mannequins

13 May

You’d probably never guess the day would come when someone felt the need to downsize mannequins….and male ones at that. British mannequin designer Roostein has decided to slim down the soon-to-be-launched plastic models:

Rootstein’s mister mannequin once boasted bulked-up proportions: He had a 42-inch chest and 33-inch waist in 1967, but they’ve been whittled down to a 35-inch chest and 22-inch waist circa 2010. The magazine suggests metrosexuality and the same unrealistic body-image issues that afflict many women are responsible.

I’m sorry, I don’t know if it’s a European thing, but I sure don’t want a man with a 22” waist – that means I can probably beat him up. And just when you thought that women dominated the unhealthy bodily image.

Fibroid Awareness Week

22 Apr

There is something out there that is affecting more than 40% of women. In African-American communities, about half of the female population has gotten it. What is this silent epidemic?


April 19 began Fibroid Awareness Week, and Masque has become one of the many vehicles delivering this important message. For those who are not aware, Fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) growths that appear on the muscular wall of the uterus. They range in size from microscopic to masses that fill the entire abdominal cavity, and in some cases become as large as a five month pregnancy.

Journaling the new Rx for Life?

13 Apr

We’ve all had one. Some hid them under our mattresses, some hid them in the back of closets. Others buried them deep within bureau drawers hoping they’d never be discovered.

That’s right, I’m talking about every girl’s best friend in Junior High school – a journal. Many health professionals are now adopting journaling as a cure-all for ladies.

John Khoury, CEO and found of Liquic, a website dedicated to health and wellness nation-wide, says:

“Jotting down your thoughts on a daily basis will not only add some ‘me’ time to your schedule, but will unfold the write and philosopher in you. From daily diaries to travel logs, journaling can help left and right brained people organize ideas and boost their well-being.”

Check under the hood for the most rewarding aspects of keeping a journal… Continue reading

Substance Abuse is NOT a Joke…

4 Sep

It’s time for us to get serious for a second.

In a time when a lot of folk are down in the dumps (this recession is a killer), people develop vices. But we PLEASE ask of you that you do NOT turn to substances. Not only do you hurt yourselves, you hurt your family and your friends.

Maia Campbell, who we’ve all known as Tiffany from the UPN sitcom In The House, starring LL Cool J, has been caught on camera in a clearly disillusioned state. The video is very disturbing and is NSFW, so please be mindful:

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