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i love michelle O.

30 Mar

michelle obama

Wrapping up Women’s History Month, I decided to take a look-see at some of many magazine covers Madame Obama has graced. Anyone who knows me can you tell you how much I love the Obamas, and Michelle O has been an amazing role model thus far. Style, grace, intelligence, charisma…she is the perfect counterpart to her husband. This is just a collage I put together to showcase some of the covers (and NO, I am NOT a stalker haha, I just really admire the woman)…


Hi Hater! The Unfortunate Degradation of Real Women- Current Target: Kim Kardashian

28 Mar

During my daily browse of news articles this morning at work, I ran across something that always irritates me to death – the nitpicking of yet another normal looking celebrity. Kim Kardashian, known for her beauty and her….beauty, has recently been quoted saying “SO WHAT” to the ridicule over her minor cellulite. In pictures by Complex Magazine, Ms. Kardashian has been retouched, including the minimizing her waist, arms, and the smoothing out of her legs. The uproar is ridiculous considering it’s not a secret that photos are retouched all the time, everywhere, for every magazine. Plus, it’s not as if anything was drastically changed – she was slightly refined.

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Time Inc.’s Made-to-Order Mag.

19 Mar

Time Inc. is launching a new project that allows readers to create their own magazine. Piggybacking off of the phenoms of RSS feeds and Blogger dashboards, Time Inc. has decided to let their customers pick 5 magazines under the Time Inc. umbrella and they will fuse them into one nice little package for you (A few titles include InStyle, Food & Wine and Sports Illustrated). Hurry, the first 30,000 respondents will be able to receive the print version, while the first 200,000 can receive the digital. Better than all of this, its free! So sign up now!


Vogue is killing me here…

18 Mar

I LOVE adele. I think this beaming brit has the voice of an angel, and I was ecstatic when she won a Grammy. With her new successes come things like gracing magazine covers. Vogue thought to take advantage of this as well, and had Annie Leibovitz shoot Adele for their annual shape issue. Here was the result:

this is what Adele looks like on a regular basis:

Vogue has a history of ruining people with their covers (see Jennifer Hudson), so this comes as no surprise to me. But if you take a look at the Vogue shot and compare it against regular Adele, one only vaguely compares to the other. Being buxom, I’m very disappointed. Vogue  could have done this woman at least a little bit better. Sure the photo looks great, but it doesn’t look like Adele. It’s very discouraging that in 2009, women who aren’t wearing a size 0 aren’t accepted in magazines like Vogue. They need to perk up and pay attention to what’s going on around them.

queen bee indeed.

28 Feb


beyonce looks beautiful in the newly released Ebony issue, rocking a curly ‘do that I absolutely LOVE. 

to achieve this look, the lovely Miss Autumn, known as CurlyChronicles on youtube, provides a tutorial. Check it here:

pretty women all around!