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Recipe: South African Smoothie

28 Feb

Today marks the last day of Black History Month and the end of the winter (in my mind anyway!). The winter months equate with cold nights snuggled in the bed with a good movie and a nice cup of hot chocolate. How about we kick it up a notch and add a little zing to that drink!

tn_south-african-smoothie01 1/2 oz amarula cream liqueur
1 small banana
chocolate ice cream

Blend all ingredients in a blender on high power until smooth. Pour into a collins glass, garnish with chocolate shavings and a cherry, and serve.



Beauty Tips for the Natural Sista

28 Feb

There is much that can be said about having your natural hair and loving it.  I never had this much fun as a relaxed chick (even though I still love the way straight hair looks!). For one, water is your arched enemy.  For some curly divas, water can be a problem too because it creates shrinkage on your other wised lengthy fro.  However, I found that a little mist never hurt anybody.  Which brings me to my beauty tip of the day: How to create great “second day hair” aka 2dh.

Second, third and even fourth day hair is just what it sounds like.  Do a style at night, unravel in the morning and if you can go to bed that night and wake up the next morning and fluff and go then you have just traveled to the world of Second day hairdom.  For a working young woman in the city I find 2dh to be a life saver.  I may be a diva, but Im still not a morning person.  

My trick to creating 2dh is very simple. When I wake up in the morning, because I sleep with a satin scarf, my hair is very smush and might I add not very attractive.  I fluff as much as I can, but because I have course hair, its not so pliable when dry.  I then jump in the shower with out a shower cap and let the mist and steam from the shower do it work.  When I get out, my hair is full, fluffy and plump.  Now I’m looking fierce and ready for my day at work!

Word of caution: Don’t douse your head in the shower and avoid direct contact with the water.  The steam and mist from the shower will do all the work

exhibit check: The Black List

28 Feb


Check out this exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum until March 29th.

This exhibition of twenty-five portraits by internationally renowned photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is a documentary project that explores being Black in America. Sanders also directed a series of filmed interviews conducted by noted film critic Elvis Mitchell that will be presented along with the photographs. Serena Williams, Chris Rock, Colin Powell, Toni Morrison, Russell Simmons, Al Sharpton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Sean Combs are among the many African Americans whose faces are seen and voices heard in The Black List Project. The images, photographic and filmed, are the core of the collaboration between Greenfield-Sanders and Mitchell that has resulted in The Black List: Volume One, an HBO documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and was aired nationally for the first time in August 2008, and a multi-city museum exhibition organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The entire film will be presented at various times, to be announced, throughout the run of the exhibition.


bad economy + old books = gold mine.

28 Feb

This dwindling economy has brought out the more creative side of folk. According to, though we are suffering there is one segment of the market that is booming – the sale of used books. That’s right, you read correctly. Apparently one man’s garbage is another’s treasure, so start picking up those old reads and textbooks in your library and blow the dust off of them!

queen bee indeed.

28 Feb


beyonce looks beautiful in the newly released Ebony issue, rocking a curly ‘do that I absolutely LOVE. 

to achieve this look, the lovely Miss Autumn, known as CurlyChronicles on youtube, provides a tutorial. Check it here:

pretty women all around!

split keyboard?

28 Feb


Have you ever sat a computer for a while and your body started to tense up because you were in the same position for too long? Wish you could sink back into your chair and have your keyboard somewhat melt into the contours of your body?

Thanks to Kinesis, you can have just that. Comfort and convenience. I got my hands on this new shiny toy today…a split keyboard. This unique ergonomic design was developed by ergonomists and health professionals trying to find a way to make typing more comfortable. 

Typing on the keyboard is somewhat awkward, but once you get the hang of it, its easy as pie 🙂

A little bit on the pricier side, but if you can afford to splurge, why not? Get more info on the Kinesis Split Keyboard here

Is having a “baby” the new pick up line?

27 Feb

In the whole scheme of things he was cute and really attractive, until the unfaithful moment he opened his mouth. He looked me dead in the eyes with the big browns of his and said ” do you have a baby? want one”. Is this a pick up line?

ladies if i’ve been misinformed, please let me know!

Working Out: Tip of the Day

27 Feb

Working out – Healthier in more ways than one.


Regular exercise may help older women significantly reduce their risk of breast cancer. In a recently published study of 62,000 women between ages 55 and 69, women who biked or walked for an hour each day cut their breast cancer risk by 19 percent. The vast majority of breast cancer cases – 75 percent – occur in postmenopausal women. Regular exercise has many additional benefits, of course. One of the most significant: a reduced risk of heart disease, which affects even more women than breast cancer does.

Beauty Tips for the Natural Sista

27 Feb

So, I went natural about 6 months ago, and ever since then I have been obsessed with my hair!! YouTube, longhaircareforum, nappturality, Curly-Nikki and anything else that raves about natural hair. I am a product junkie (Someone that is constantly buying new products) at heart but at the moment my hair is loving some KBB, Karen Body’s Beautiful that is. A wonderful natural hair and body line coming straight out of Brooklyn, NY.

dinnerware can go where?!

27 Feb

Springtime is steadily approaching, and its time to reawaken your living spaces. most home goods stores are getting rid of winter items, which means lots of things are up for sale…


To most, this is just a set of dinnerware. To me, this is a room revamp waiting to happen! 

Plates can be arranged vertically on a wall to create a treatment very much like picture frames. Bowls can double as containers for bric-a-brac and knick knacks. Pair this set with a nice new coat of terra cotta paint and a pair of neutral toned beige curtain panels and you’ve got yourself a new room!

check out these and more deals at