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It’s Me…ILLY!

14 Sep

Allow us to introduce you to Illy-D, our new Melody Editor! She’s funky and passionate about all things Music. Not only does she work in the industry, she loves the history of it all! She’ll be digging in her crates weekly to bring you all her favorites…

There is nothing like a good song to articulate your life at the moment. Or just a good beat to get you going like no Red Bull can. What about that singer that just performed their heart out and left you dumb-founded, in awe and gasping? Now what about that song that reminded you of that other song that you heard on that throwback radio station?  I love moments like that and will be bringing you all the music mania I can. My ears do not deceive me and I won’t you. If it sounds similar chances are it is, and the paperwork was already handled to cover the costs of it. When it comes to music I’m like a kid in Coldstone – “Lemme get the can’t get enough”!

The name is Illy-D and I will be your link to the music portion of this Masque experience. What I will bring to your computer screens every week is what I like to call “Something Old, Something New…” The something old will be a new song by an established artist and the something new will be an artist I think you should learn more about, pretty basic right?

I’m also bringing you “Something Borrowed in Rhythm & Blues.” We all know that there are a plethora of samples lurking about in the jams we know and love. So my something borrowed will be my attempt to bring to your attention a sample you may have known of before.

As we embark on this musical journey, know that we are all apart of this Melodic Ship sailing the seas of new releases and old hits. Consider me your Co-Captain Illy-D….ALL ABOARD!!