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Barbie Becomes Techy!

16 Jul

Every girl’s favorite doll, Barbie, takes on her 126th career change as a computer engineer. Donning pink glasses, a Bluetooth headset, binary code shirt and a laptop (a Mac?), Barbie can help inspire a new generation of girls today to hone into their computer skills and become part of this growing profession

“Girls who discover their futures through Barbie will learn that they – just like engineers – are free to explore infinite possibilities, and that their dreams can go as far as their imaginations take them,” said Nora Lin, President, Society of Women Engineers. “As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can design products that have an important and positive impact on people’s everyday lives, such as inventing a technology to conserve home energy or programming a newborn monitoring device.”

Geek chic is now the new cool. Barbie couldn’t have made a career change at a better time. With the world now focused on new technology startups and social media innovations, the opportunity for a girl engineer to make an impact is wide open.

Speaking of social media, meet Video Girl Barbie. She has taken on a role of video maker and will become a celebrity foursquare user for a scavenger hunt across the United States. The hunt starts on July 20th and a lucky winner in each touring city will get a chance to win Barbie Video Girl. She also uses Twitter to keep everyone posted on her travels.

This web savvy Barbie has a video camera built in through her necklace with a LCD screen behind the hood of her jacket. She comes with a pink USB cord and video editing software! This creation will encourage kids to literally get their feet wet in the video production career. Now I wish Barbie was this awesome when I was a kid!


Oh. Mi. Bod!

26 Aug

Now we’re not usually ones to plug things like this, but I must say…

Imagine the sexiest scenario you can…candles lit, lights low, silk sheets…then you turn on your ipod.

…And it’s connected to your vibrator?

LOL yes I said it. Your vibrator.

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