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Lyrics of the week…

13 Jul

Oh my Goshhhhhhhh… Who doesn’t like this song??!!

Hip-hop heads, techno lovers and pop fanatics can all relate.  And after 14 weeks, this song is still going strong.

“Baby Let me love you down, there’s so many ways to luv ya

Baby I can break you down, there’s so many ways to luv ya

Got me like oh my gosh, I’m so in luv, I found you finally like

You make me wanna say, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my GOSH”

Hmmm, undoubtedly this song is known more for the addictive beat than it’s lyrics, but when I stopped dancing and starting listening, the song definitely made me chuckle:

“This was something special, this was just like dynamite”

Well yes, dynamite is special… I guess.

Or better yet:

“Baby got some boobies like wow oh wow”

He he, C’monnnn are we in 2nd grade now Ush?  I mean, I literally was LOL on the train with that last line.  The lyrics are terrible sophomoric and yet, Usher managed to turn this into a smash.  I mean play everyday, feel-good, pop ya booty SMASH.  I guess that’s why Usher is Usher.  Gotta love him.

So while I press repeat on my iPod, I’ll keep dancing on this one.  I mean, how philosophical do you need to get in the club?

Until next time, remember, Life is a melody to love, listen & move.


Bee Mine Products- A new store opens in Brooklyn

6 May

If you find yourself wandering around Brooklyn in the near future, indulge in a visit to Ecodermis and Wolfberry, as they now sell Bee Mine Products.  If you didn’t know by now, Bee Mine is a wonderful, 100% natural hair product with lovely ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, and oh honey the list goes on and on!

In the past, I have ordered the Bee Mine Curly Butter online and I loved it.  The customer service is excellent and the order arrived promptly.  Being as these products are all natural, there are no parabens, sulfates of any kind or harmful chemicals.  It is an absolutely yummy product line and I am ecstatic to see it come to New York.  With the store so close I can now buy the full product line and immediately report on my HAUL.  Stay tuned!!

Make sure to visit the website for more information on Bee Mine products.  The site is chock full of encouragement for naturals and transitioning chicas.  Ecodermis and Wolfberry is located at 310 Malcolm X Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11233… Happy Shopping!

Hair Retreat: The Braids Getaway

12 Oct

I am a natural hair head, but currently sporting some medium-sized braids (“extensions” to some).  Braids serve a number of great purposes: they can be used as a transition hairstyle if you are trying to grow your relaxer out and they serve as a protective style from the wear and tear of the wind and cold (I loooove this).  I am also pregnant at this point in time (Smile), so I can wake up with just enough time to shower and get to work (perfection!). I use extensions more for function than actual style, however there are beautiful and elegant ways you can get your hair braided to accentuate your flavor.

Before you get braids, remember to take certain precaution as to not make matters worse with your tresses.

  • Do not get braids if you just put a relaxer in or got a dye treatment.  I would suggest waiting at least 2 weeks before getting extensions.  Hair gets very week from treatment and applying braids will add extra stress.
  • Deep condition your hair before getting braids.  Try to do a DT at least 3 weeks in a row in advance to your hair appointment.  Braids can be somewhat drying to the hair and DTs provide plenty moisture.
  • If you are all natural, or most natural, it behooves you to have a very thorough detangling session before getting your hair braided.  You may want to blow dry your hair so that it is semi-straight and easy to part for the stylist.  You don’t want to leave it up to them to detangle your hair because when they get done, there may not be much hair left to braid!
  • Remember, not too tight!  If you go to a hole-in-the-wall braiding spot, it may be difficult to get them to adjust their grip, but you do want to retain your edges.
  • Once you’ve spent 4-5 hours in the chair, you want to take extra care of your hair, especially your scalp because it is fully exposed.  Apply a natural, light oil to help soothe itch and stimulate hair growth.  My favorites are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut and Jojoba with a hint of the essential oil Rosemary.
  • Don’t be afraid to wash your braids, your hair is still in need of water.  The braids may take longer to dry but it’s very much worth it in the end.

Good luck with your protective style ladies! Leave links in the comments of your braided styles, and we may feature you on the site!

Can Chris Rock Find Out Who Has “GOOD HAIR”??

3 Sep

Chris Rock has a new movie/documentary hitting theaters in October titled “Good Hair”

Check out the Preview:

Chris Rock made this movie for his daughter that wanted to know why she doesn’t have good hair.  That situation is oh so sad but Im glad to see that the issues that have plagued African American woman for 400 years are finally coming to mainstream media.  As botched up as a job that Trya did on her talk show referring to “good and bad hair” I’m happy that she addressed it.  Our hair can be the topic of conversation across many different communities but unfortunately most of the problems lie within us.  From the video of the mother viciously combing through her child’s hair calling her nappy and other types of obscenities to the black woman that like “The White Girl Flow”… we got issues.   I hope that when black woman see these movies and watch these shows, we can start to delve deeper into ourselves and discover the beauty that we all carry.

Natural Beauty: Hannah Hodson

9 Jun


Hannah Hodson plays Camille Hawthorne on the new show “Hawthorne”, set to air on TNT on June 16th. The leading lady, Jada Pinkett Smith, plays a hard-ass nurse that puts herself on the line every day for her patients (the show actually looks pretty interesting and I’ll be sure to tune in). However, the story line wasn’t all that caught my attention. Hannah’s natural locks are so beautiful I had to do a double-take! She is an 18 year old hot mama who got her start on the Nike Air Jordan Commercial directed by Spike Lee. From then on she has stayed on her grind and has now landed a spot on what I am sure will be an exciting TV show. Check out the show next week to catch a glimpse of Ms. Hodson and her head full of spirals!

I love NYC Street Fairs!

30 May


There is no better surprise than jumping off the train for a light stroll on Broadway only to run smack dab into a genuine New York City Street Fair.  The sun is shining and a mixture of gyros, grilled corn and funnel cakes spill in the air.  Tie-dyed dresses and extravagant pashmina scarves hang from the stands.  For blocks and blocks, the pedestrian  friendly streets are crowded with strollers, the elderly, the young, romantic couples and loners.  There is a blues musician playing on one corner and someone selling plants and flowers on another.  


NYC street fairs are so awesome because they only happen in the summer.  They can be up to a mile long and randomly dispersed around Manhattan.  There are some in the mid-60’s on Fashion Ave, some in the Financial District, others on the Upper West Side and every where in between.  Please check them out, if you haven’t already had the pleasure.  Not only is it a great place to nab one-of-a-kind items but it makes for a wonderful time out with friends, family, and most of all, yourself 🙂


Here is the schedule of the City’s Fairs, so you don’t always have to be surprised, like myself!

Sex And the City Bus Tour: A fab time with your friends

21 May


(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images North America)

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images North America)

If you love… ahem… Sex andddd the City and the show too (haha), then you will love this bus tour.  Brought to you by, this bus tour brings together your four favorite city girls: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, and lets you in on all the show’s city secrets.  This tour is fun for native New-Yorkers and tourist alike (not to mention the tour guides give great suggestions for places to visit and tips on how to enjoy Manhattan after you leave the bus!).

I took my sister on this tour for her birthday, but this can be a cool bachelorette party starter.  Visit the place where Charlotte brought “The Rabbit”, sip cosmos just like the famous chicas and don’t forget to remember that you are FABULOUS!

Make sure to visit if you are interested.  There are group rates available and other tours that are more guy – friendly.

Graduates of 2009-Don’t be afraid to EXPLORE

21 May

There is a statistic somewhere that says 80% of graduates do NOT get a job in their graduating field.  Almost to suggest that a college degree doesn’t hold half the weight that it put you through for 4 “I can’t take it anymore”, grueling years.  I like to think of college as an experience itself and not just an education.  It is preparation for your adult life and a test of your character.  If you don’t have a job in the field you graduated in, your degree was certainly not a waste.

Like myself, for example, I graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  Most people are surprised and intrigued.  They want to know how am I going to use it and where can I get a job with that degree, so on and so forth.  But to be honest, I could care less.  I don’t want to be a chemist or work in a lab.  But if nothing else, my degree taught me that I could be vigilant about something.  I learned that I enjoy challenges and I am determined.  I realized that my passions were involved with connecting with people.  I haven’t yet found a career that harbors all of my interests (I probably will have several) but I won’t allow myself to be bullied into a career I don’t care for.  Don’t settle for a career that you know you won’t enjoy.  You are only young once, and there is no time like the present to explore yourself.

Sale!! Sale!! Sevy Bags Sale!! Sale!!

14 May

Severe Erase, designer of Sevy Bags, is having a sale, this Friday, May 15th. I have had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young woman, and her femme to femme collection of bags!! I loved all of her bags, purses and clutches and she has a wonderful spirit to match. Please show your support and in the process, get a killer hand-bag that everyone will be sweating you for!

Check out the details and make sure to bring a friend:

One of UK Instyle magazine’s favorite accessory brand Sevy by Severe Erase, is having a limited edition bag sale! You don’t want to miss this event.

Come out and get the “it” summer bag. Mingle, and enjoy our refreshments and treats as you purchase one of the finest…

Come out and view the bag that caught Alex McCord (The RealHouseWives of NYC) eyes and has the UK in a fashion frenzy….

Please be sure to RSVP your spot

Location: 500 8th Avenue between 35th & 36th Street 4th floor #405

Time: May 15th 5-8PM

CREDIT CARDS will be accepted!

Yeah I watch B-ball…

6 May


Im sitting here watching my husband (to the rest of the world that would be LeBron James) and the Cavs play against the Atlanta Hawks in the semi-finals.  I don’t watch sports by myself often, but I do favor basketball. The Cavaliers are my favorite team and not much else is on TV: a winning combination for an at-home sports extravaganza. Men love sports like women fancy shopping.  Now I don’t know all the technical terms, plays and shots, but after watching a game or two, I can hold a decent conversation regarding the topic.  I am always intrigued to hear the tone in a man’s voice when he asked the question “You like basketball/ football?”. It is usually of pleasant surprise and rising curiosity about my make-up. I tend to think that men find a woman more attractive if she expresses some interest in sports.  But what if she likes sports ALOT more than him?  What if she yelled over him at the TV and had a mourning period after each loss from her favorite teams.

Do you think her sports fanaticism is a complete turn on for him or a turn off? Wanting to talk is now being replaced with trying to squeeze in to a comfy seat  between him and his buddies during halftime.  Would he embrace this commonality or push away for his “alone time”.  Although I would love for my hubby to accompany me more on my ramped shopping sprees, I don’t know how I would feel if he started directing me to pick different shirts that would show off the pattern in my shoes and nodding to my girlfriends for my their approval.  Might be a little weird…

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Side note: Doesn’t Varejao have the best hair in the NBA!!