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Who Needs Another Apple Fangirl?

28 Apr

Another treat this week is our introduction of Tineey to you all! Who better than a nerd-girl fashionista to guide you through IT and gizmodo funstuffs? Be sure to check out her other life here ūüôā

You do.

because you want a buddy to keep you focused & awake when you’re both camping out in front of the¬†Apple store 3 days before the launch of the new 4G iPhone

and you want someone to help walk you through the steps for jailbreaking that same iPhone you bought

then be there... when you’ve realized that it was one BIG mistake and want the factory settings back

You will realize that it’s nice to have your Apple-lovin’ new TECHY friend by your side, because¬†sometimes, she’s just willing to look the other way when you want to try out other new gadgets.

But most of all

She won’t be able to resist the urge to test out those new toys with you & tell the whole world about it too! (Apple or not).


What’s Really a Big Girl?

27 Apr

“People come in all shapes and sizes!”….something we tell children from a¬†young age, encouraging them to accept tall, short, skinny, and fat alike.¬† Then comes the reality of adolescent and adult life.¬† “People come in all shapes and sizes” “Tall and thin is ideal.”

As any¬†American knows, we’re not want for food.¬†While some overindulge, there are those who treat food as the enemy, and both are wrong.¬† The obsession with beauty and the perfect body is something that may fluctuate in terms of where the exact¬†emphasis is placed,¬†but is an¬†ever-present entity, regardless of era.¬†¬† And we all participate.¬† I, myself, am currently in the process of shaping up, (lighter and leaner is the goal with 8 lbs¬†off already) but never at the cost of my sanity or self love; healthiness and comfort are the goal. ¬†Women truly are beautiful, and should never allow themselves to fall into any extreme.

Here’s a taste of reality:

If you haven’t heard the hoopla over this Lane Bryant commercials, here’s the long and the short of it:¬† various channels did not want to air it due to the ‘inappropriate nature’ of it’s content, such as her large breasts.¬† Aka, she’s a little too voluptuous for the nation’s eyes.¬† Tig ol’ bitties prove to be too much skin for evening time blocks but this is fine:

Now is the problem really the woman?¬† Or the size of the woman? Let’s be fair and say that there’s way more sex being thrown at us with the (and any) Victoria’s Secret ad.¬† The Lane Bryant commercial never shows a full body shot of the model and has her half covered in a trench part of the time.¬† What’s the issue again? You decide.

Dinner is on me tonight!

26 Apr

Masque Magazine would love to introduce our new certified Foodie, Christopher, to you!

::puts fork down::

Mmmm….. that was good! I love when I can put my fork down and say “Geez, I cant wait to eat here again.” Eat where? Just ask! Better yet let me suggest where you will have one of those ‘damn I cant wait to eat here again’ experiences.

Fork hitting the plate..lustful glaze over your eyes as you bite into something so wonderful, so delicious.. drink something so creative…FOCUS AND COME BACK TO ME! You couldn’t have wanted good food at a better time!

Hey all! Im Christopher, the newest edition to the beautiful ladies of Masque Magazine. I am a true foodie! Im talking about random-fork-and-spoon-in-my-bag-get-outta-bed-at-2am-for-a-snack-Urbanspoon-restaurant-locator-app-on-my-blackberry foodie. I know a cookie shop that stays open till 4am foodie (dont judge me!). My life is food, my education is food. I hope you’re hungry because this will be delicious…

Go Eco Chic for Earth Day!

22 Apr

Today is Earth Day! And what better way to celebrate than in style with a sale from Eco-Chic companies on Gilt Groupe?

These “Eco-Chic” sales will include designs from Loomstate, Matt & Nat, Leigh & Luca, Dr. Hauschka and EDUN. In addition, all items in the Gilt “Gift Tab” will be green friendly, including organic totes and handbangs, eco-friendly tees, soy candles, recycled scarves and Earth friendly cosmetics.

What’s bigger than all of this?! You can gift a TREE through American Forests. For a dollar per tree (or bundles of $15, $50 and $100), what classier way to celebrate.

Portions of the proceeds from the Gilt Groupe Eco Chic sale will benefit the National Audobon Society and The Nature Conservancy. Happy shopping!

Fibroid Awareness Week

22 Apr

There is something out there that is affecting more than 40% of women. In African-American communities, about half of the female population has gotten it. What is this silent epidemic?


April 19 began Fibroid Awareness Week, and Masque has become one of the many vehicles delivering this important message. For those who are not aware, Fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) growths that appear on the muscular wall of the uterus. They range in size from microscopic to masses that fill the entire abdominal cavity, and in some cases become as large as a five month pregnancy.

24k Gold Facial “Masque”

20 Apr

Oh yes!

Goldy is back, and I’ve decided to return with a self indulging post about 24k Gold Facials – yes ladies, your facial can be gilded and gleaming. UMO Salon, located in Tokyo, introduced its 24k Gold facial in 2007. It’s also being offered all over the world (including the United States). For those of us who live in NY, get UMO products for a Gold facial Mask at the NY Plaza Hotel.

Some of the benefits of the Gold Facial Treatment include:
Firmer skin
Improved Tone
Improved Texture
Reduce Wrinkles
Stimulate blood circulation

So treat yourself and your girlfriends to a 24K gold facial today. Midas would be proud!

Blog To Watch: ClothesAreCute

13 Apr

clothes are cute

I have one of the funkiest girlfriends in town. This girl can make pajamas look fashionable (I’m not joking, see here)!

Ms. Kim is that eclectic mix of casual, vintage, edgy and romantic that we all wish we could achieve. It’s sort of a natural pinache that only comes to those who are so blessed!

Plus shes a Naturalista, so you already know I love it…

Be sure to visit Kim at Clothes Are Cute, drop her a line and let her know we sent you ūüôā

Journaling the new Rx for Life?

13 Apr

We’ve all had one. Some hid them under our mattresses, some hid them in the back of closets. Others buried them deep within bureau drawers hoping they’d never be discovered.

That’s right, I’m talking about every girl’s best friend in Junior High school – a journal. Many health professionals are now adopting journaling as a cure-all for ladies.

John Khoury, CEO and found of Liquic, a website dedicated to health and wellness nation-wide, says:

“Jotting down your thoughts on a daily basis will not only add some ‘me’ time to your schedule, but will unfold the write and philosopher in you. From daily diaries to travel logs, journaling can help left and right brained people organize ideas and boost their well-being.”

Check under the hood for the most rewarding aspects of keeping a journal… Continue reading

Today is Census Day!

1 Apr

During a trip to the CUNY Grad School of Journalism, a friend and I got to attend an impromptu (for us!) press conference for the Census and minority publications. John Liu (NYC Comptroller), Bill DiBlasio (NY Public Advocate), Lorraine A. Cortes-Vazquez (Secretary of State – NY), and others served as the panel for this discussion, urging everyone to send their Census forms in.

It takes ten minutes to fill out ten questions that will affect your life for ten years!

More pictures and videos after the jump… Continue reading