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Aisle Dash by AOL

31 Aug

Catching up on the Emmy’s Red Carpet Looks today (shame on me for forgetting it was on), I ran across Amber Riley’s look. Which bears a striking semblance to a dress I was considering for my wedding (don’t judge me, I’ve picked it out!). This led me to wedding trolling via the interwebs (okay, seriously, what girl doesn’t do this?). Which led me to this.

Once again, AOL doesn’t disappoint. Who knew they had a wedding website?! A range of advice, from gown guidance to calligraphers, AisleDash is all fun. It’s good nature and real-talk vibe is sure to take away the stress of wedding planning (I’m witnessing planning- in-action. It’s utter madness).

Not to mention there’s celeb wedding gossip in the mix, which many of the wedding websites and blogs don’t do. The exclusion may be to a fault – I kind of enjoyed looking at the many celeb matrimonials from this summer.

Aisle Dash is definitely on the bookmarked list, if the bells ever decide to come a-ringing for me!


WE Channel’s Wedding Central Presents…

21 Aug

If you all can remember, I am slightly obsessed with all things bridal. My Sundays are dedicated to WE Channel’s Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding, Rich Bride Poor Bride, etc etc. So when my beau sent me this e-mail I was more than happy to find that…

WE's Wedding Central

Yes, WE Channel has created a new station dedicated to their Wedding Central sector. Available on io Channel 177, shows like Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Rich Bride Poor Bride and Platinum Weddings are on 24/7. Now I can watch some of my favorite shows whenever I want! Yessss!