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Sex and the City 2: the BIG ring

23 Aug

Well over a week ago, I was blessed to have some time to myself. With having been so busy the past few months, I’ve been missing many movie theater premieres. I finally got the chance to watch Sex and the City 2.

As I sat through the two and a half hours, I thought “this movie is not as bad as everyone made it out to be”. I could not understand the 3.9 out of  10 stars it received on imdb.com…then it happened.

After Carrie calls her husband, Big, from half way across the globe to admits she’s cheated, she comes home to find it empty. Hours later, Big comes home to tell her he was absent to “torture her”, and as a punishment she is forced to wear a ring (backstory: Carrie likes to be different, and tries to do so by just wearing a wedding band – not a ring). The ring Big offers her is no ordinary ring, it’s a black diamond.

This ring was created by Itay Malkin (and is available for purchase now as part of a limited numbered series), and is a black diamond set in 18 karat white gold surrounded by 74 round natural pave diamonds equaling 0.39 carats. Beautiful adornment for adultery, no?

Once Big popped open the box, I had a clear understanding of why audiences did not care for the movie. In its obviously outlandish and semi-gaudy nature, Sex and the City 2 didn’t fail to deliver the glitz and the glamour expected of it. Throughout the 146 minutes, the issues the women faced were almost, dare I say, real? in that they were mothers, menopausal, and wives. The black diamond was merely there to bring the movie full circle. What’s SATC without a little “sparkle”?

Don’t get it confused, I will always be a fan. I enjoyed the movie, but the ring? Not sufficient enough punishment for my taste.

The Itay Malkin ring can be purchased as a special order through ItayMalkin.com or calling 888-429-4884. It retails at $10,000.

…wish I had that kind of money. LOL


Ultra Chic St@tus Symbols

15 Jun

In this day and age, it’s all about networking. Wherever you go, you should always be ready to whip out a business card and tell someone to “keep in touch”, right?

What easier way to stay connected than with your Twitter account…around your neck.


Survival of the Hippest creates @TwitterID and #Hashtag jewelry pieces. Be the center of a conversation with a necklace, bracelet, keychain, anklet, tie clip, or pin.

A healthy combination of Techy and Glammy, I’m personally looking forward to a diamond encrusted @MsK_Brown in my near future. What about you?

It’s Raining GlamRocks!

9 Jun

The summer is quickly approaching (contrary to the weather in NYC right now), and now’s the time for flowing fabrics, shining skin and BOLD accessories!

Enter Glamrocks, aka “FingerCandy”, from Les Filles sont Chic (LFsC). These beautiful stones, hand-wrapped in metallic wires, are the perfect accessory to a simple tank or a cascading maxi dress. Each stone has its own personality, named for the beautiful hues in which they are arranged. Rosé (Fuschia),  L’océan (Blue) , Perle (Pearl), and Mangue (Mango) are what the ladies offer.

My personal fave is the GlamRocks Rainbow Galaxy piece, which is a stunning combination of all four stones.

Created by Coco & Clotaire, a fashion duo of sister love, Les Filles sont Chic is inspired by a combination of elegance, lust, prints, furs, emotion, and most certainly eccentricity. To slip your finger into one of these stoned beauties, visit Chez Clotaire. Also, follow LFsC on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Remember, Girls are Chic!


CocoClotaire of LFsC was so kind as to send me a gift. The ring is great! Heavy and bold, this statement piece really needs no introduction and can hold down the show on its own! Love.

Also, check out LFsC’s new promotional video. It includes still shots of their new collection and contact information. Go shop!