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Go Vote: Primary Elections Today!

14 Sep

There are still a few hours left (approximately 6, actually) until the polls close in NYC for the Primary Election.

The New York Times does a great job of breaking down those who are in the race, so be informed then get out there and vote New York City!

(For those of you not in New York State, HuffPo has you covered…)


Today is Census Day!

1 Apr

During a trip to the CUNY Grad School of Journalism, a friend and I got to attend an impromptu (for us!) press conference for the Census and minority publications. John Liu (NYC Comptroller), Bill DiBlasio (NY Public Advocate), Lorraine A. Cortes-Vazquez (Secretary of State – NY), and others served as the panel for this discussion, urging everyone to send their Census forms in.

It takes ten minutes to fill out ten questions that will affect your life for ten years!

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