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Cheek’d Beta Launches – New Online Dating Game for the Coquette in You

28 May

Clever new dating website, Cheek’d allows you to play a real life game of “cat and mouse”.  After all, the best part about dating is the chase..

The user is armed with a set of intriguing black cards, with coy phrases like “I just put all my drinks on your tab” and “act natural, we can get awkward later” to slip in the pockets of the one she desires, but is either too shy or a bit too mischievous. The recipient is given directions to enter an unique code to unlock the mysterious admirer’s profile on the website, where he can contact her discreetly.

A set of 50 cards and one month’s subscription is $25, and should you choose to continue the service, only $9.95 each month thereafter.

Cheek’d is the brainchild of NYC entrepreneur, Lori Cheek, helping connect users to their love interests and avoiding missed connections.


Summer Just Screams Vanilla!

28 May

Do you guys smell that? Applewood…..Hickory, no?

Take a good whiff! Come on, you don’t even smell the first smoldering charcoal brickette of the season under a newly purchased grill? I live for a summer barbecue, and with Memorial day right around the corner the BBQ season will be well underway! Hanging with friends, catching up, and enjoying good food will all be penciled in on everyone’s summer schedule.

But what if you have to plan the menu or bring a dish to the function? Crab cakes with Vanilla Remoulade are always a succulent satiates. Lemon-Bleu stuffed tomatoes are a tangy treat. How about summer time drinks to fill party goers glasses? These menu items and more can be made with Nielson-Massey Vanillas.

Now I know when you think of vanilla, you think of something essentially sweet – not really what you go for with a barbecue. But vanilla isn’t just an ice cream option anymore. It highlights and brings out other flavors when used in savory dishes. Continue reading

Love Come to the iPad: Launches First the Dating App

15 May

SpeedDate iPad ScreenshotYesterday, speed dating site, SpeedDate, unveiled its iPad app downloadable for FREE on iTunes. The already popular app now is able to provide users higher photo quality, enhanced profile features, and introduction of a location-based service to assist you in finding singles around you, wherever you are.

The app allows you to use the touch functions of the iPad to swipe through profiles of your potential dates. The cutest part of the process is the ability to send “winks” to users you fancy. The best part of SpeedDate? No long term commitment! If you don’t like ‘em, move right on, like in speed dating in real life.

Don’t have an iPad? Love this app? No worries!

Starting today until May 28, SpeedDate will give away new iPads along with a full year subscription to its premium membership service to two lucky registered users, chosen at random. All you have to do is register an account on

There is still an iPhone app available until you win that iPad 😉

The Skinny on New Male Mannequins

13 May

You’d probably never guess the day would come when someone felt the need to downsize mannequins….and male ones at that. British mannequin designer Roostein has decided to slim down the soon-to-be-launched plastic models:

Rootstein’s mister mannequin once boasted bulked-up proportions: He had a 42-inch chest and 33-inch waist in 1967, but they’ve been whittled down to a 35-inch chest and 22-inch waist circa 2010. The magazine suggests metrosexuality and the same unrealistic body-image issues that afflict many women are responsible.

I’m sorry, I don’t know if it’s a European thing, but I sure don’t want a man with a 22” waist – that means I can probably beat him up. And just when you thought that women dominated the unhealthy bodily image.

Bacon in the weirdest places….

13 May

Just a bit of info about me – I’m not a very avid pork eater (not by any religious stands, just grew up not eating it). I do enjoy a few pieces off my friends plates here and there, and I occasionally dabble in bacon. Yes I said it, bacon.

Hmmm, bacon is magical in my eyes – whether it be fresh, double cut with a outer rind , or the rendered fat used in a warm vinaigrette on a salad.  Bacon just happened to be the topic of conversation recently, when my bestie came up to visit from Virginia. With treats in hand as he usually does (duh thats why hes my bestie, he feeds me!), he handed me cupcake from his latest venture at Fluffy Thoughts Cakes in McLean, Virginia.

“Why am I tasting random bacon”? I asked.

Masque readers, I present to you the bacon and granny smith apple cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting and crispy bacon garnish.

Take a second and take in that complete sentence. Realize that yes, this type of cupcake is possible in the delicious world we live in! Make sure you check this spot out when you need a fabulous cake or when you need a sugar rush in your life!

Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd. #120

McLean Virginia 22101


Step up to the Plait

13 May

With the summer months (and heat….and humidity) upon us, one way to still look cute and together are braids. A great, fun and relatively easy way to prettify your hair, while keeping it out of your face, are plaits. Whether you have a simple braid, cornrows, a messy fishtail, or fabulous updos, there are scores of different ways to jazz up your hair and keep yourself cool. Twist it up and get ready for summer!

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Who’s your Click?- Featured Blog Site

13 May

We’re starting a new little something here, “Who’s Your Click?”, where we feature some of our favorite websites and blogs!

Regretsy (NSFW), where DYI meets WTF, championed by April Winchell, who recently spoke at MIT’s ROFLCon to a largely male-dominated sea of internet humor enthusiasts. It’s delightful to see some estrogen making waves in the online comedy biz. Her site explores and take jabs at the horrifying, ugly and mostly ludicrous side of the crafty marketplace, Etsy. The site is amazing, but just be forewarned, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Her comment on the product above?

“I don’t know what’s more fun – the yarn or the furry acorn! Well, just throw it in the crib and let the baby figure it out.”

Check out

Happy Mother’s Day!

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Masque Mommies! Keep continuing to do what you do – doing homework, cooking, cleaning, being a shoulder to cry on, changing diapers, changing lives.

For all of us who aren’t mommies yet, take great care of the woman you call Mother. She could be your birth mother, adopted mother, grandmother, aunt, your best friend’s mother – take care of her and always remind her to love herself as much as she loves you.

Always remember there is nothing warmer and more generous than the love of your mother, so cherish and embrace it.


Frenemy Shoes

7 May

It is my civic duty to try and save people from themselves when it comes to fashion blunders.  One HUGE err, my friends, are that of FitFlops.  A hideous shoe designed for comfort and the benefit of “exercise” whilst you walk, FitFlops are more like an attempt to make everyone look ugly so people with real style look even BETTER. My theory is that whomever came up with the clever idea is not only rolling in the dough, as many homely housewives and the like are seen sporting (pun intended) them, but is extremely proud (and smug) due to the fact that they look infinitely better than the chump masses who paid for the shoes.  Tragedy.

Really, really, REALLY bad idea!

Here’s an idea: Exercise! Actually DO exercise – Walk in normal shoes, like sneakers or better yet run; take a dance class; swim; just please don’t wear those shoes. Whatever you do, you should do it with style and this is not style.

How should you Hue?

7 May

The importance of selecting the right makeup for your skin tone and eye color is almost universally known (right girls?), but something one may overlook is coordinating your face paint with your hair color.

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Depending on the coolness or warmth of your hue, there are makeup shades to stay away from. Brunettes have the greatest color spectrum option but are told to “Opt for more vibrant hues, like plums, burgundies, reds, and metallics” while blondes have to be careful depending on their shade, to make sure to bring “their face to life with makeup, but not overpower their lighter look.” Redheads are the  trickiest, mainly because they usually have freckles so one wants to be sure not to cover up but enhance their natural beauty.  Those with truly raven hair should play up their eyes with a subtle smokey eye and keep the rest of the face neutral and light.  For more tips, check out Stylelist!