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3 iPhone Lifestyle Apps to Indulge By – Shop, Relax & Read

3 Sep
You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite indulgences when you are on the go! We’ve got our favorite iPhone apps that you should be toting on your device.

1. Shop – Gilt Groupe

Make it easy to go out for lunch, for once! With the Gilt Groupe app, you won’t need to hover over your computer in the office. You can easily preview the sales, shop the styles, add to cart and securely check out. Oh… there is an alarm feature, so you can make sure you don’t miss the sale. [Download]

2. Relax – Spa Week

Spa Week is coming to the East coast in October and there’s an app for it. With this location-based tool, you can search for the nearest spa with $50 Spa Week specials, and browse through different treatments & photos. There is also a feature called “Deals of the Week” that will be rolled out November 1st with deals you can score aside from the $50 Spa Week treatments. [Download]

If you don’t have an iPhone, Spa Week is giving 10 away! Click here to enter.

3. Read – PopSugar

A sugar rush! Finally, an app for all occasions. Bury yourself in all the goodies the Sugar Inc. network provides — perfect for that long wait at the doc’s! The best part is the video feature, which opens within the app, so you won’t need to navigate away. For the latest and greatest in lifestyle and fashion news, definitely check out PopSugar mobile. [Download]

*All photos are screenshots taken by me!


Top Chef Camille Becerra Brings Restaurant Pop-Up, The Hunger, Back!

29 Jul

Former Top Chef star, Camille Becerra, brings to SoHo the second volume of The Hunger restaurant pop-up series with an Argentinean BBQ. The location has not been disclosed as of yet, but reservations can be made for any of the 3 days it will be opened for, August 3-6 from 6:00pm to 10:30pm, at $65 per person.

Be sure to find yourself at this meaty eat-out in an outdoors SoHo space next week. All guests are to be seated at the same time and served in dinner party style.

Make your reservations at

Edit Your Own Digital Magazine – Flipboard Launches the World’s First Social Media Magazine on the Apple iPad

21 Jul

Today, the iPad will get a new app. It will transform the way people discover and share content by combining the beauty and ease of print with the power of social media. Flipboard is founded by Mike McCue, former CEO of TellMe and Evan Doll, former iPhone engineer at Apple. Flipboard calls itself “a social magazine that brings life to the stories, photos, new and updates being shared across Twitter and Facebook.”

“With over 1 billion messages posted every day, social networks are quickly becoming the primary way people discover and share content on the Web. The result is a huge influx of incoming messages and links people must sort through across multiple web sites just to stay up to date,” said Mike McCue, Flipboardʼs CEO. “We believe the timeless principles of print can make social media less noisy, more visually compelling and ultimately more mainstream.”

The magazine is created from a user’s social content that can be easily separated in sections and personalized. Readers can choose from a list of suggested section topics such as sports, tech, news and style with curated content from popular feeds or create a new section simply by searching a topic.

Flipboard will debut in its first public demo tomorrow at the FORTUNE Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado at 4:40pm MDT. Fortune is offering virtual access to the Brainstorm conference. Register here.

For more information go to and download the app on iTunes! Follow @Flipboard on Twitter for updates.

So how exciting is this? You can edit your own digital magazine. Now I can save time with all my tweets, links, feeds and pages curated in one super social media magazine! Wonderfully designed.

Barbie Becomes Techy!

16 Jul

Every girl’s favorite doll, Barbie, takes on her 126th career change as a computer engineer. Donning pink glasses, a Bluetooth headset, binary code shirt and a laptop (a Mac?), Barbie can help inspire a new generation of girls today to hone into their computer skills and become part of this growing profession

“Girls who discover their futures through Barbie will learn that they – just like engineers – are free to explore infinite possibilities, and that their dreams can go as far as their imaginations take them,” said Nora Lin, President, Society of Women Engineers. “As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can design products that have an important and positive impact on people’s everyday lives, such as inventing a technology to conserve home energy or programming a newborn monitoring device.”

Geek chic is now the new cool. Barbie couldn’t have made a career change at a better time. With the world now focused on new technology startups and social media innovations, the opportunity for a girl engineer to make an impact is wide open.

Speaking of social media, meet Video Girl Barbie. She has taken on a role of video maker and will become a celebrity foursquare user for a scavenger hunt across the United States. The hunt starts on July 20th and a lucky winner in each touring city will get a chance to win Barbie Video Girl. She also uses Twitter to keep everyone posted on her travels.

This web savvy Barbie has a video camera built in through her necklace with a LCD screen behind the hood of her jacket. She comes with a pink USB cord and video editing software! This creation will encourage kids to literally get their feet wet in the video production career. Now I wish Barbie was this awesome when I was a kid!

iOS4 Updating…

25 Jun

Apple released the update every fanboy and fangirl has been waiting for. The new 4.0 software promises many features we’ve been craving since the initial announcement. There are promises of over 100 new updates to the old operating system for the mobile device. Highlights of what can we expect…

MULTITASKING Now third party apps are able to run in the background, and the user will be able to easily switch between apps without disruption. This means Pandora will keep playing when you tap over to check your inbox.

FOLDERS Alas…organization! Easy drag and drop feature of apps into selected folders. It allows the iPhone to hold up to 2160 apps! (Unless you’ve jailbroken your phone, these features will amaze you)

iBOOKS The most exciting add-on feature to the software — no longer exclusive to the iPad. Just like the Kindle and the nook, now you can browse, shop and read your favorite titles on the handheld.

5x DIGITAL ZOOM + TAP TO FOCUS VIDEO Self explanatory. Investments in large clunky devices are no longer needed, unless you’re pro.

BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD Support. Yes, for whatever reason, when you need to write up an essay on your iPhone, you can now type with ease with the use of a physical keyboard. Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.

This should hold me over until I get my hands on an iPhone4.

Peekture Tour Inside Internet Week HQ

9 Jun

Internet Week NY is presented by sponsor Yahoo! The headquarters is filled with colorful and creative installation by Yahoo! and their collaborating companies. Inside the headquarters of Internet Week’s base are stations for different new online companies vying for your attention as well as established ones offering you a retreat from the events and conferences on schedule.

Southwest Airlines provides you with a charging station to refill your smartphone battery juices, and PepsiCo, treats their wayfarers to a snack & drink lounge over by the broadcast stage, where panel discussions are Livestream-ed. The Microsoft Expression section offers ultracool trendy lounge space, perfect for a quick nap or blog write up.

A trend? Plenty of cushy seats and outlets for attendees to plug in and chill out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Techy Chic for Internet Week

8 Jun

Who else is excited about the swarm of technology enthusiasts invading your city?

The week-long event started yesterday and the city that never sleeps can count on owning up to it for the next couple of days. And we’ve got our heels on and our gadgets in tow, ready to steal the show.

Official site: InternetWeekNY – Get your schedule and start attending!

Not in the best city in the world? You can still follow along with Livestream:


on Twitter and with hashtag #iwny

Best of all, the free iPhone app with Foursquare and IWNY’s Flickr integration. Its your own hub of information for everything Internet Week.

And of course, right here on MASQUE! A Techy girl’s dream – from the informational tech conferences to blogger meetups and tech boys – Internet Week is not to be missed.

Stay tuned for more updates on #iwny

Cheek’d Beta Launches – New Online Dating Game for the Coquette in You

28 May

Clever new dating website, Cheek’d allows you to play a real life game of “cat and mouse”.  After all, the best part about dating is the chase..

The user is armed with a set of intriguing black cards, with coy phrases like “I just put all my drinks on your tab” and “act natural, we can get awkward later” to slip in the pockets of the one she desires, but is either too shy or a bit too mischievous. The recipient is given directions to enter an unique code to unlock the mysterious admirer’s profile on the website, where he can contact her discreetly.

A set of 50 cards and one month’s subscription is $25, and should you choose to continue the service, only $9.95 each month thereafter.

Cheek’d is the brainchild of NYC entrepreneur, Lori Cheek, helping connect users to their love interests and avoiding missed connections.

Love Come to the iPad: Launches First the Dating App

15 May

SpeedDate iPad ScreenshotYesterday, speed dating site, SpeedDate, unveiled its iPad app downloadable for FREE on iTunes. The already popular app now is able to provide users higher photo quality, enhanced profile features, and introduction of a location-based service to assist you in finding singles around you, wherever you are.

The app allows you to use the touch functions of the iPad to swipe through profiles of your potential dates. The cutest part of the process is the ability to send “winks” to users you fancy. The best part of SpeedDate? No long term commitment! If you don’t like ‘em, move right on, like in speed dating in real life.

Don’t have an iPad? Love this app? No worries!

Starting today until May 28, SpeedDate will give away new iPads along with a full year subscription to its premium membership service to two lucky registered users, chosen at random. All you have to do is register an account on

There is still an iPhone app available until you win that iPad 😉

Who’s your Click?- Featured Blog Site

13 May

We’re starting a new little something here, “Who’s Your Click?”, where we feature some of our favorite websites and blogs!

Regretsy (NSFW), where DYI meets WTF, championed by April Winchell, who recently spoke at MIT’s ROFLCon to a largely male-dominated sea of internet humor enthusiasts. It’s delightful to see some estrogen making waves in the online comedy biz. Her site explores and take jabs at the horrifying, ugly and mostly ludicrous side of the crafty marketplace, Etsy. The site is amazing, but just be forewarned, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Her comment on the product above?

“I don’t know what’s more fun – the yarn or the furry acorn! Well, just throw it in the crib and let the baby figure it out.”

Check out