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strawberry banana smoothie.

31 Mar

Whether you’re suffering from nausea, heartburn, or just in need of a cool and refreshing snack or breakfast idea, this is the perfect nutritious pick-me-up. Leftover shake can be frozen in pop molds or 5 ounce paper cups with popsicle sticks. 

1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt 
1/2 cup frozen strawberries 
1/2 cup orange juice or skim milk 
1 banana, sliced 

1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. 

Calories: 221
Fat: 0.6 g 
Carbohydrates: 34 g 
Protein: 2 g

Source: SparkPeople


cb2 spr09

31 Mar

cb2 store

The hip, stylish, not so conservative baby of Crate & Barrel, CB2, has launched their spring 2009 collection. Things from andy warhol plates to colored bamboo placemats are at the store – all less than 5 bucks! Sweeeet 🙂

guest blogging for Eleven Magazine.

30 Mar

Hey all,

I’m excited to tell you all that this week I will be guest blogging for Eleven Magazine, a magazine for men’s fashion and lifestyle. We gave them some mention a couple weeks ago, and now for a week I’ll be hitting the blog! Check out some spring dates, some music I really love, and threads I think women love on men. While you’re there, check out their past guest bloggers and the blog in general. You definitely won’t be disappointed!


i love michelle O.

30 Mar

michelle obama

Wrapping up Women’s History Month, I decided to take a look-see at some of many magazine covers Madame Obama has graced. Anyone who knows me can you tell you how much I love the Obamas, and Michelle O has been an amazing role model thus far. Style, grace, intelligence, charisma…she is the perfect counterpart to her husband. This is just a collage I put together to showcase some of the covers (and NO, I am NOT a stalker haha, I just really admire the woman)…

oil treatment for acne?

29 Mar

So I received an SOS from my mom not too long ago:

I need a facial, a mask, something…The right side of my face has like 5 zits. Ugh!

(seriously, this really happened haha)

I remembered having seen something on UrbanCurlz about a woman who cleaned her face with castor oil. After doing some more research, I found the Oil Cleansing Method. The Oil Cleansing Method, or “OCM”, is a natural way to create radiantly clear skin using only hot water, a washcloth, unprocessed castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Soap is very abrasive and removes all the natural oils from the skin, leaving your body no choice but to produce more oils which lead to breakouts and patchy skin. To execute this method:

  • Mix up a blend of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil– or any other natural, unprocessed oils that you prefer – see a partial listhere.
  • Massage a small amount of the oils gently into your face.Spend a few minutes rubbing the oils into your cheeks, nose, forehead, neck, and chin, allowing the oils to penetrate into the skin and pull out wastes, bacteria, dead cells and other dirt.
  • Wring out a facecloth or washcloth in hot water, and drape it over your face to steam– it’s just like giving yourself a mini facial!
  • After a minute or so,wipe away the oil, along with any dirt, using the washcloth.Your skin should feel clean, soft, and moist with just a little of the OCM oil remaining on your face. If skin feels dry and tight, you can moisturize it using just a touch of the olive oil/castor oil blend.
  • Voila! Really quick, and your skin feels great after. Lately, I’ve also been experiencing weird break outs. My first time using the castor oil, most of the impurities rose right to the surface. Catch a glimpse of the method in action:

    Source: Suite 101

    LG Lotus + Christian Siriano

    29 Mar

    A Masque favorite, Christian Siriano, has partnered with LG Lotus to design some accessories for the phone – and he is looking for some inspiration. A contest is taking place, where Christian and LG are asking you to create a mood and inspiration board. All the tools are given to you, and “you just make it fabulous”. The grand prize is a day designing with Mr. Siriano during New York Fall Fashion Week 2009.

    Not only do you get to work with Christian, you get a three day/two night trip to NYC for you AND a guest! You’ll also receive the completed accessory and a tricked out LG Lotus. Sounds like a very sweet deal to me! Contest ends 5/5/09.

    Contest Rules

    10 children’s books you should read.

    29 Mar

    top 10 reads

    A big kid at heart, I am a very big fan of children’s books. My house is still full of them. As a child, you read the books and take it face-value; but many of them provide some insight into things adults may take for granted. Meghara Eichhorn of has outlined some children’s books that you should consider taking a second look at…

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    You Match? Pish Posh!

    28 Mar

    Remember back when matching was essential?

    Think back to middle school when the kicks were fresh and you had the matching belt that picked up some of the color from the shoe; then you had the partnered with the tee. Holler.

    Not only did you NEED to match, but you needed to be color coordinated. But that whole scene is just that – juvenile. (We all know there are “sneaker heads” over the age of 18, the discussion of which deserves another post wholly unto itself.)

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    Hi Hater! The Unfortunate Degradation of Real Women- Current Target: Kim Kardashian

    28 Mar

    During my daily browse of news articles this morning at work, I ran across something that always irritates me to death – the nitpicking of yet another normal looking celebrity. Kim Kardashian, known for her beauty and her….beauty, has recently been quoted saying “SO WHAT” to the ridicule over her minor cellulite. In pictures by Complex Magazine, Ms. Kardashian has been retouched, including the minimizing her waist, arms, and the smoothing out of her legs. The uproar is ridiculous considering it’s not a secret that photos are retouched all the time, everywhere, for every magazine. Plus, it’s not as if anything was drastically changed – she was slightly refined.

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    The pain of Betrayal

    28 Mar

    When we met he told me how beautiful I was. He called me “Babe” and “Sweetie”.  He had such swagger like he knew me from way before.

    Three months of dating, he said he loved me. He would say he “wants me to be his wife, the mother of his kids”. The thought never crossed my mind that school began in three weeks and I would be  leaving New York for three years. Every day we spoke on the phone, endless conversations about what he was doing? How was his day?

    After those three years, we decided now is the time for us to be together. I was to move back to New York so we could be together and start our lives together.

    Then the day happened. The day no woman looks towards. The day her best friend of 15 years says she’s pregnant by the man you are laying right next to. The look of pain, disgust and shame crept across my face. The fact that she called me to tell me and didn’t know he was in my bed was priceless; My mind quickly went to all the times they would end up together in social scenes.

    Until this very day, he calls me saying he made a mistake; He opted for convenience.

    Sitting here wondering, Did he love me or not?