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Who Gets What Friend?

8 Sep

Relationships are amazing. You become one and you fuse family and friends. His friends become yours. Hers might as well be yours. Everything is great…until you break-up.

The politics of a break up are similar to that of a divorce. Who gets what? Once all the damage is done and collateral is taken, you’re left to ask “who gets that friend?”.

What are your politics when it comes to break ups? Do you keep friends you met through your ex? If you’re the friend on the receiving end, do you break all ties with your friend’s ex? Speak out!


How to change your Relationship Status on Facebook without people Seeing it

2 Sep

The Stylester

The oh-so-pretty Ritu over at The Stylester gives you step-by-step instructions on how to change your Relationship status on Facebook without anyone seeing it.

I recently changed my relationship status on Facebook and everyone got mad at me haha, so if you are looking to be discreet, take Ritu’s advice!

Aisle Dash by AOL

31 Aug

Catching up on the Emmy’s Red Carpet Looks today (shame on me for forgetting it was on), I ran across Amber Riley’s look. Which bears a striking semblance to a dress I was considering for my wedding (don’t judge me, I’ve picked it out!). This led me to wedding trolling via the interwebs (okay, seriously, what girl doesn’t do this?). Which led me to this.

Once again, AOL doesn’t disappoint. Who knew they had a wedding website?! A range of advice, from gown guidance to calligraphers, AisleDash is all fun. It’s good nature and real-talk vibe is sure to take away the stress of wedding planning (I’m witnessing planning- in-action. It’s utter madness).

Not to mention there’s celeb wedding gossip in the mix, which many of the wedding websites and blogs don’t do. The exclusion may be to a fault – I kind of enjoyed looking at the many celeb matrimonials from this summer.

Aisle Dash is definitely on the bookmarked list, if the bells ever decide to come a-ringing for me!

How to Love Being Single

31 Aug

I got this interesting video in my inbox. It was called “How to Love Being Single.” I had to laugh because a lot of us women are the saltiest chicks on the face of the planet when we don’t have a significant other. We don’t “love” being single and we often tell our friends that have a partner that they are “lucky”.

The video below says a person should do the following to “Love” being Single:

  • Self Sufficiency
  • Gratitude
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Courage
  • Strong Social Network
[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

I think the list is missing a few things. Watch the video below then comment with things you would add to the list above!

6 Ways to Spice up your Long Term Relationship

26 Aug

I’m at that stage in my relationship where it’s not new, but we’re not married – or even close to it. We’re just…existing. With this existence comes bickering that combat sweet-nothings. We need a change.

I want to be honest with you, ladies.

I am in love with this man. He is my pulse and my air. Without him I don’t know what I would do. I know he is the man that I will marry and grow old with…yet sometimes I can’t stand him.

I know someone out there is feeling what I’m going through. So here are some suggestions to spice up your long-term relationship:

1. Be “perfect strangers”: Plans to meet up for dinner? Pretend to be meeting for the first time. Ladies, this is where your “Sasha Fierce” can come in to play! Tempt him and seduce him like you never have. Who knows, it could end up in a bathroom rendezvous (we won’t tell!).

2. Live outside the box. No longer for thinkers, outside the box is where you should jump every now and then. Do an activity you guys have NEVER done but have ALWAYS wanted to do. Bungee jump? Kayak? You can comfort one another if things get a little crazy.

3. Take a week off. Now before I get my head chewed off and handed to me, let me preface by saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I personally believe a week off can do more good than harm (backwards, I know!). Take the time to go do something for yourself that you could never do as a couple. No matter what, you should never lose sight of who you are as a person. You can never fully love someone else until you love yourself wholly!

4. Grow something together. Whether it be a simple houseplant or taking turns feeding a goldfish, growing something reassures you that together you two can conquer the world.

5. Kick it old school. Nothing is greater than watching your guy run in circles while flying a kite. How about wiffle ball or cats cradle? Playing games you played as a child, together, is a guaranteed activity that will end in giggles and smooches in the grass.

6. (Trench) + (Heels) – Clothes. Just show up, he’ll take care of the rest. Trust me.

Okay, so admittedly half of these are not so spicy but they DO work. Do you ladies have any other suggestions for spicing things up?? Let us know!

Cee-lo Green’s “F*ck You”…

26 Aug

…is the breakup song of the century.

Never mind the explicit – it’s not used in a crass manner. It’s really just speaking to how we all feel sometimes. I know you’ve all been in that breakup where you’re just hurt and confused and just want to scream “F**K YOU!!!”.

This song is it.

Not to mention it has a catchy melody and will be the end of the summer earworm – straight until Labor Day, I bet.

Grab some ice cream and some napkins, boys and girls. This one’s a goodie.

Getting Intimate with Leah

22 Jul

Oregon, Ohio, NYC, Chicago, Portland Boudoir Photographer logoAnniversary approaching? What better way to say “I love you and I’m yours” than with a naughty little portfolio of pics? allows you to do just that. Leah Stafford offers her services and photog skills to those who want to acquire a collection of spicy and sweet pictures. Leah says:

I never grew up saying I was going to be a boudoir photographer. However, I grew up with a deep want to help people and so I wanted to major in psychology. However, our paths also don’t turn out how we want them but sometimes it’s only for the better. Now, I’m a boudoir photographer, I work with amazing clients, I get to create images for these women and at the end of the day I am helping every girl that comes to me. I show her that she is gorgeous and she is sexy despite maybe not feeling it. It’s a wonderful feeling having clients come in, leave as friends and feel 100% better about themselves!

And she does just that.  Whether you participate in her marathons, reserved weekends in certain cities at particular hotels where one can book their appointment session, or call to make a private appointment, Leah is sure to bring out the fun and flirty in any girl.  Her aptitude in photoshop doesn’t hurt either – check out the Before and After to see how she uses her editing, taking pride in glossing over some flaws but never altering the shape of the woman.

Why not be a model for the day? Making your (and his) fantasy come true?

I Will Freeze Time For You…

15 Jul

…The mutterings of a man on a mission. A man determined to make his woman feel like she is the absolute ends to his means.

WE TV’s show, “Put a Ring On It” (sigh, Beyonce will always reign supreme), helps men who have grandiose proposal visions bring them to life. In this episode, a NYC man named Michael wants to “freeze time” for his fiance, Nadia. I won’t spoil it for you, but know that @GabiFresh, @PegahRashti, myself and a handful of other Twitter lovelies cried our eyes out. This is clearly NSFE – Not Safe For Emotionals!

Boys Do Cry

12 Jul

When it comes to relationships, women are often pegged as the (over)emotional, passionate ones and the men are deemed to be more logical and level headed.  However, there is the argument that when it comes to relationships’ end, men have it worse.  Why? Just re-read the first sentence…

This is true of friendships too; most women have their girlfriends they can complain to and use the proverbial shoulder to cry on whereas men are not so open.  When it comes to matters of love, it seems that though men may not vocalize it, they fall just as hard, or harder, than their female contemporaries.  Such a discussion was had recently on Z100’s morning show, as to whom loves faster than whom in a variety of relationships, with contributors and listeners largely saying that men fall for women faster than any other scenario.

Many male relationships between friends are merely about being “The Man” and whatever similar interests these chums may have, so there’s not a lot of room to talk about how a great date or the most favorite thing a girlfriend does.  Or perhaps its especially hard when the discussion is not about the positive in a romantic relationship, but when it refers to the negatives and the downfall of love. Continue reading

“Brooklyn in Love and War”

7 Jul

We’ve got to support our fellow bloggers and with that said, I must introduce you all to one of my oldest friend’s blogs:

Molly Rosner, a recent graduate from Columbia University with a Masters in Oral History (and a BA from Wesleyan in American Studies) shares her personal history by delving into the budding relationship of her paternal grandparents’  during and through wartime.  Using what saved familial artifacts remain, she is slowly but surely unraveling and discovering little known information about the Rosner clan and in the midst, learning more about herself. Through the analysis of personal letters and stories passed down, within the historical context of World War II, Molly is able to employ her family’s research into something edifying to us all.