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Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2010!

13 Sep

In case you’re dead or seriously just came back from a part of the world where the only inhabitants were sheep, here’s a newsflash: September 9th was the beginning of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Friday, September 10, was the public’s introduction to the Week with Fashion’s Night Out, a celebration of fashion and all it’s accompaniments.  FNO is a mix of events, promotions, and introductions of a new products not limited to strictly fashion but incorporating food, music, and general fun.

Some of the Masque gang and friends went exploring NYC starting in the Meat Packing District, wandering to Bloomingdale’s and then back down to Soho to end the night. Here’s a little of what went down:

We started at Pop Burger (Ninth Ave between 14th and 15th) where Dev the Fabulous and Bossman Kelly were already chowing down. I came in just before our friend Jess and after a few more moments of chit chat, we were off and running.

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Eye Candy: “Takers”

5 Aug

Admittedly, crime dramas are not my favorite kind of movie. I’m one of those chicks who actually LIKE chick-flicks.

But I occasionally make exceptions…for sexy men. Case in point, the movie Takers, opening later this month.

First of all, Idris Elba? That’s enough to get me in the theater. Throw in Michael Ealy and Hayden Christensen (who I’ve had a thing for since the Stars Wars prequels) and it’s  a done deal!

My Photos | * Mel *

The cast of cuties is rounded out by Jay Hernandez, Paul Walker, and musicians turned actors Chris Brown and Tip “T.I.” Harris.

Whether or not this movie is any good remains to be seen. But it gets serious points for the eye candy!

BTW… This month, Idris Elba tops Ebony Magazine’s list of 10 Sexiest Summer Stars! Was there ever a doubt?

Stirrings Naked Bartender Competition

1 Jul

There’s nothing better than a late night and a couple of Cosmos with your girlfriends. Actually, there may just be…

A naked man making a Cosmo for you and your girlfriends.

Stirrings hosted a Naked Bartender Competition at the Time Warner Center. The competitors, all hoping to become real-time bartenders, wore aprons and shorts (ok so they weren’t FULLY naked, c’mon we’re classy here!) and mixed their way into the hearts of passers-by.

Present was a panel of no-nonsense judges, including Celia Chen, Founder & Editor of Notes on a Party, and Joaquin Simo, a bartender at the ultra-chic New York City lounge, whittled down the competition. The six Naked Bartender hopefuls were scored on their creative and classic cocktail creation, a judges’ challenging Q&A and on-the-spot consumer questions.

Carlo Romero, a California transplant, eventually won. His favorite cocktail, “The Big Apple”, is a refreshing mix of vodka, Stirrings Appletini, and Stirrings Ginger Ale.

“I’m extremely excited to tour the country on behalf of Stirrings as the Naked Bartender,” said Carlo Romero.  “My lifestyle is all about serving the best natural ingredients so I’m excited to encourage my fans to embrace the all-natural lifestyle as well.”

“The Big Apple” sounds like something we may have to try this summer. Enjoy the flicks, they are quite delicious!

If you missed out on The Naked Bartender event, you can still participate in all of the all-natural excitement. Visit and the Stirrings Facebook page to view recipes, photos and video messages directly from The Naked Bartender.  In fall, 2010, Carlo will also tour the states, conducting cocktail demos and encouraging consumers to celebrate the all-natural lifestyle with Stirrings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eye Candy: Mehcad Brooks

25 Jun

We are not one for updating Eye Candy. There’s honestly too many good looking ones out there to keep up. But every now and then, there is one that catches our eye that we just feel compelled to share with you all…

His name is Mehcad Brooks. And he is beautiful.

The actor (most recently spotted in Just Wright and True Blood, yeah!) has become insanely popular within the past two years. And with this new photoshoot from the latest issue of GQ Magazine, we can understand why.

We know its 90 degrees in New York City, but this photoshoot is making it extra hot in here!

Eye Candy: Boris Kudjoe.

25 Aug

This weekend the sexy ensued in Atlanta, with celebrities coming out to celebrate the Carols Daughter VIP weekend with owner Carol Price. Look who popped his head in:

I could have done without the sneakers, but his outfit is sharp. Nothing like an impeccably dressed man. I’ll let this one marinate… 😉

Eye Candy – Chris Pine

14 May

Whether you’re a trekkie or not, the new “Star Trek” is definitely a fun movie. Annnnnnd it doesn’t hurt that it’s leading man is a total hottie. Whoa. Talk about an all-American stud. You may have recognized him from one of Lilo’s corny romantic comedies but this kid has real acting chops – Check him (and the movie) out. So long as he’s on the landing pad, I say beam me up, Scottie.

Eye Candy: Maxwell

30 Apr


Enough said.

There’s still something ultra sexy about Maxwell, some umpteen years later. He has this mysterious aura reminiscent of Mr. Obama and we are NOT complaining. 

Maxwell’s album, BLACK, is slated to be released soon. Let’s hope sooner than later ::crosses fingers::

‘Obssessed’ with Idris Elba

27 Apr

Idris Elba

He plays the picture-perfect husband, married to Beyonce in the new flic “Obsessed”.  Arguably the best part of the movie, Idris Elba captures the screen with his candid boyish smile, dark chocolaty smooth skin and deep voice.  He is originally from the UK (which makes him even sexier) and his accent is slightly apparent as most foreign actors who play american characters.  He is most known for his work on “The Office” however, he has a number of movies coming out this year.  Make sure to keep a look out for this talented and sexy brother!

Eye Candy: Kanye West for LV

17 Apr

One of our favorite hip-hop couples posed for Kanye West’s new Louis Vuitton ads. As people sit and count the days for his sneaker to be released, ‘Ye teamed up with celeb photog Steve Shaw for some promo shots…


Definitely a good look.

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HI, sorry, do you have a quarter?

3 Apr

Cuz I told my Mom id call her the MINUTE i fell in love.

That is precisely what i would say to Mr. Kellan Lutz if i ran into him on the street. LOL not really. side note** how much IS a pay phone now-a-days?

Kellan plays his roles very well if you ask me.

Heres the Gentelman in the street..


Read after the jump to see the freak in the sheets. 🙂

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