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Love CAN be Magic…

30 May

Love can be magic…and magic is most often an illusion.

Contrary to what the title might suggest I am not a cynic about love (or much of anything else for that matter). Neither am I insanely optimistic about love. I am married  for  just  over a year  now and  I was thoroughly embarrassed when  my husband and I had our first post marital  argument. I was under the impression that we were supposed to be stupid with love and cross eyed with lust for at least 2 years…shooooot… I got a month before he got on my damn nerve! (That’s a generous estimate), I mean tap danced on my last good reserve nerve! (The one I saved for long winded cousins who call me from down south to talk about nothing for hours and then get to the good stuff 2 minutes before they hang up!). But truth be told, my husband and I had been through so much before the wedding that we looped right back around on the crazy train and fell in love again. I had no illusions about what he was or rather who he was. I didn’t marry my husband because he swept me off my feet and gazed lovingly into my eyes and professed to love me until the end of time. No my husband is no black Justin Timberlake. In fact no one could’ve shattered my heart the way that he did…in fact, shattered is putting it mildly. (Why did I get married? Oh yeah…there is a point folks)…

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I love NYC Street Fairs!

30 May


There is no better surprise than jumping off the train for a light stroll on Broadway only to run smack dab into a genuine New York City Street Fair.  The sun is shining and a mixture of gyros, grilled corn and funnel cakes spill in the air.  Tie-dyed dresses and extravagant pashmina scarves hang from the stands.  For blocks and blocks, the pedestrian  friendly streets are crowded with strollers, the elderly, the young, romantic couples and loners.  There is a blues musician playing on one corner and someone selling plants and flowers on another.  


NYC street fairs are so awesome because they only happen in the summer.  They can be up to a mile long and randomly dispersed around Manhattan.  There are some in the mid-60’s on Fashion Ave, some in the Financial District, others on the Upper West Side and every where in between.  Please check them out, if you haven’t already had the pleasure.  Not only is it a great place to nab one-of-a-kind items but it makes for a wonderful time out with friends, family, and most of all, yourself 🙂


Here is the schedule of the City’s Fairs, so you don’t always have to be surprised, like myself!

There is Nothing Shady about Sunscreen!

26 May

     With Memorial Day being the official summer kick-off, everyone is officially excited. Not only are we psyched, so is our skin! The skin is our body’s largest organ and is responsible for various essential functions, including protection, sensation, and water regulation. One of the important roles the skin plays is the synthesis of Vitamin D; the skin does this by absorbing UV rays from the sun and converting cholesterol in our skin to vitamin D. This is why it is advised that we include Vitamin D rich foods (i.e. milk, fish, cheese, etc) in our diets, because we simply don’t get enough sunlight. However, excess amounts of UV rays from the sun are harmful because they increase risks for skin cancer and damage your skin in the long-term. Therefore, it is important that our skin is adequately protected from the sun and practice safe habits while enjoying the rays.

            There are many brands and varieties of sunscreen. Essentially, sunscreen is composed of compounds that can absorb those extra rays for you, instead of your skin taking the direct hit. There are two kinds of harmful UV rays, UV-A and UV-B, and different compounds are better at absorbing the two kinds of rays.  UV-A causes cellular damage and speeds up skin ageing and UV-B generally causes sunburn. SPF is a measurement of how effective sunscreen is because it indicates the level of protection a particular sunscreen offers- therefore, the higher the SPF, the longer your skin is protected in the skin. A generally recommended SPF level is 30 for the summer months; higher levels are more appropriate for high amounts of sun exposure. Make sure to read the labels of any sunscreen to ensure you are well protected. Sunscreen should be reapplied throughout the day, especially if you sweat or go in the water as this removes the sunscreen and decreases protection. Be sure to apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes prior to being out in the sun and to all body parts that will be exposed; it would be wise to also invest in lip balm that come with SPF protection.

            If you have any other questions about which sunscreens are right for you, the internet is a great place to start and educate yourself on options. Also, your physician or dermatologist is an excellent source for information on the sun and your health.

            Other helpful tips for being protected in the sun, in addition to sunscreen include the following:

  • WEAR SUNGLASSES. Your eyes are also sensitive to the intensity of UV rays in the summer months. Make sure that any hot shades you are sporting are certified UV-ray  protected.
  • WEAR HATS. Hats with brims help to further protect your head and face from sun exposure. There are many trendy, comfortable hats out there that keep you stylish and protected. 


I Got a Big Egooooooo

22 May

Usually I’m humble, right now I don’t choose
You can leave with me or you could have the blues
Some call it arrogant, I call it confident
You decide when you find on what I’m working with

Damn I know I’m killing you with them legs
Better yet them thighs
Matter a fact it’s my smile or maybe my eyes
Boy you a sight to see, kind of something like me

Mhmm, this is the anthem for the summer. Love this song! The video, though, is lacking visually (not out of the ordinary for Bey, but whatever). Enjoy 🙂

Ms. Fierce is also re-releasing her latest album (a la B’Day) entitled Above and Beyonce Video Collection and Dance Mixes. It will have some behind-the-scenes footage and about seven videos. It’s slated to hit Wal-Mart (wally’s world! haha) June 16th. Look out for it…

Sex And the City Bus Tour: A fab time with your friends

21 May


(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images North America)

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images North America)

If you love… ahem… Sex andddd the City and the show too (haha), then you will love this bus tour.  Brought to you by, this bus tour brings together your four favorite city girls: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, and lets you in on all the show’s city secrets.  This tour is fun for native New-Yorkers and tourist alike (not to mention the tour guides give great suggestions for places to visit and tips on how to enjoy Manhattan after you leave the bus!).

I took my sister on this tour for her birthday, but this can be a cool bachelorette party starter.  Visit the place where Charlotte brought “The Rabbit”, sip cosmos just like the famous chicas and don’t forget to remember that you are FABULOUS!

Make sure to visit if you are interested.  There are group rates available and other tours that are more guy – friendly.

Crazy Masque: I tried natural hair

21 May

So last night I tried to do my hair natural for the first time, and I looked like this:

My boyfriend re-confirmed by stating it himself, “Gold, you look like a chuckie doll
Then he changed his mind. He said, ” No Gold, you look like that green dude BLANKA, from street fighter
Then he said, ” You know, what…not even. You look like that guy Vega from Dragon Ball Z
Then after he saw that I was pissed…”Ok Gold, I really don’t care about your hair…you drive me crazy…but I worry about what they will say at your job.

I proceeded to pull up to a bus stop burst into tears and tell him “Get the F%*K” out my car.

Ok I’m lying …about the “Get the F%*K” out my car part. But I cried so hard last night my eyes are swollen. He felt so bad, he apologized and said “This is my fault, I’m sorry for pressuring you Gold“…because ultimately, THE ONLY reason why I didn’t get my normal full head of weave was because he said he really wanted to see my “Natural Beauty“. I’m cute…with weave, or without…BUT for me…going natural is different than most people I’ve read that went through the journey of going natural. I can go natural. Anyone can…but for me its the difference between looking 26 years old and looking 14. Corporate vs Playground. Clubbing vs Club Med.

Even my mom, who sorry to say doesn’t have the best sense when it comes to hair and fashion said…”Maybe you should skip church and go get your hair re-done.” Well I am. All you church go-ers…say a special prayer for me and my hair follicles. Thanks.

*the views expressed by Gold are not indicative of how all of us feel. clearly, we love natural beauties, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions 🙂

Graduates of 2009-Don’t be afraid to EXPLORE

21 May

There is a statistic somewhere that says 80% of graduates do NOT get a job in their graduating field.  Almost to suggest that a college degree doesn’t hold half the weight that it put you through for 4 “I can’t take it anymore”, grueling years.  I like to think of college as an experience itself and not just an education.  It is preparation for your adult life and a test of your character.  If you don’t have a job in the field you graduated in, your degree was certainly not a waste.

Like myself, for example, I graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  Most people are surprised and intrigued.  They want to know how am I going to use it and where can I get a job with that degree, so on and so forth.  But to be honest, I could care less.  I don’t want to be a chemist or work in a lab.  But if nothing else, my degree taught me that I could be vigilant about something.  I learned that I enjoy challenges and I am determined.  I realized that my passions were involved with connecting with people.  I haven’t yet found a career that harbors all of my interests (I probably will have several) but I won’t allow myself to be bullied into a career I don’t care for.  Don’t settle for a career that you know you won’t enjoy.  You are only young once, and there is no time like the present to explore yourself.

Eye Candy – Chris Pine

14 May

Whether you’re a trekkie or not, the new “Star Trek” is definitely a fun movie. Annnnnnd it doesn’t hurt that it’s leading man is a total hottie. Whoa. Talk about an all-American stud. You may have recognized him from one of Lilo’s corny romantic comedies but this kid has real acting chops – Check him (and the movie) out. So long as he’s on the landing pad, I say beam me up, Scottie.

Sale!! Sale!! Sevy Bags Sale!! Sale!!

14 May

Severe Erase, designer of Sevy Bags, is having a sale, this Friday, May 15th. I have had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young woman, and her femme to femme collection of bags!! I loved all of her bags, purses and clutches and she has a wonderful spirit to match. Please show your support and in the process, get a killer hand-bag that everyone will be sweating you for!

Check out the details and make sure to bring a friend:

One of UK Instyle magazine’s favorite accessory brand Sevy by Severe Erase, is having a limited edition bag sale! You don’t want to miss this event.

Come out and get the “it” summer bag. Mingle, and enjoy our refreshments and treats as you purchase one of the finest…

Come out and view the bag that caught Alex McCord (The RealHouseWives of NYC) eyes and has the UK in a fashion frenzy….

Please be sure to RSVP your spot

Location: 500 8th Avenue between 35th & 36th Street 4th floor #405

Time: May 15th 5-8PM

CREDIT CARDS will be accepted!

L’Elephant Rose Trunk Show

12 May

The wonderful Sherisa over at L’Elephant Rose will be hosting her very first Trunk Show at Exhale Spa in Soho on Friday and Saturday (5.15 and 5.16). Be sure to visit her site for more details!

An example of a few of my favorite pieces from L’Elephant Rose:


Just a tip: Ms. Sherisa puts felt (correct me if I’m wrong Sherisa!) on the back of her hair accessories so the hair is not irritated (a major plus for all us natural curly girls!).