Mad Men Mania! – Season 4 Premiere Party

26 Jul

Holding a degree in Advertising, it’s only natural that I am nuts about Mad Men. Mad Men Mania is taking over New York City right now (I spotted lots of commuters in their best Betty and Joan garb!), with a sponsored season premiere screening taking place in Times Square right now. If you’re not so local (or you are in NYC and just can’t handle the humidity outside), take matters into your own hands and host a Mad Men Premiere Soiree for you and yours!


There’s never a party without a mood-setting. Paper lanterns, which became insanely popular within the 1960’s, are now a mainstay in cheap, affordable decor. Martha Stewart’s Water Lily Paper Lanterns will add a pop of color to any affair (and who doesn’t love pink?!).

Martha Stewart Decorative Paper Lantern Water Lily Large Image

Water Lily Paper Lanterns, $14.99

Graphic pillows comfort us through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We chose a pink and neutral tone fireworks pattern to offset the water lily lanterns. Very minimalistic, a few bold patterns on a comfortable chaise lounge will keep guests happy:

16" Pink Floral Fireworks Decorative Pillow, $29.99

16" Pink Floral Fireworks Decorative Pillow, $29.99

No Mad Men affair is complete without a fully-stocked bar. Have guests bring ingredients for their favorite Mad Men cocktails, and you can have an open season on spirits! Don’t forget your coasters…

"Drink" Stainless Coasters, $7.95


The Mad Men site offers a great Cocktail Guide for popular 1960’s cocktails, our favorite being the vintage spin on a New Age staple – The Harpoon. The mama of Cosmopolitans, The Harpoon demands a homely touch with fresh lime juice. Yum!


  • 1½ oz vodka
  • ½ oz orange liquor
  • ¼ oz lime juice
  • Dash of cranberry juice
  • Slice of lime


Add dash of cranberry juice, pour liquors and lime juice into mixing glass. Shake briskly and pour into Martini Glass. Add slice of lime to garnish.

As for feeding your copywriters, try easy fares like fondues and iceberg salads. Swedish meatballs and buffalo wings are reserved for messy eaters, while crackers, cheese, stuffed eggs (the best are stuffed with olives or tuna) and mushrooms are delights for dainty dames. Don’t forget to make loads of  Tang!


A theme-party is not complete without garb. Don the clothes of Advertising past, thanks to the mind of Janie Bryant. The so-famous costume designer for Mad Men has inspired us all! A classic that transcends time, Jackie O made pearls a statement piece for women nationwide. No matter what you wear for your Mad Men party, the pearls must be present! A modern take on them:

Boxy Pearl Necklace, $65

Channel your inner secretary (or cocktail hour mistress) with these fashions from Unique Vintage!

Finish off your ‘fit with a pair of vintage peep toes, kitten heels or flats. This pair of authentic Ferragamo’s from GoodEye caught our attention:

Vintage Ferragamo Flat Shoes Size 9 1/2 narrow Nautical SPECATORS Navy White

With everything in store, you are now set to sing a diddy with Don Draper and do a jig with Joan Harris. Can’t wait to see Christina Hendricks, my favorite curvy bombshell! Enjoy!


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