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Techy Chic for Internet Week

8 Jun

Who else is excited about the swarm of technology enthusiasts invading your city?

The week-long event started yesterday and the city that never sleeps can count on owning up to it for the next couple of days. And we’ve got our heels on and our gadgets in tow, ready to steal the show.

Official site: InternetWeekNY – Get your schedule and start attending!

Not in the best city in the world? You can still follow along with Livestream:


on Twitter and with hashtag #iwny

Best of all, the free iPhone app with Foursquare and IWNY’s Flickr integration. Its your own hub of information for everything Internet Week.

And of course, right here on MASQUE! A Techy girl’s dream – from the informational tech conferences to blogger meetups and tech boys – Internet Week is not to be missed.

Stay tuned for more updates on #iwny


3 Cool Ways to Extend Your Online Identity into Real Life

4 May
Our generation is so wired to its smartphones and social media communities that sometimes using your old school business card doesn’t cut it anymore. More information is now exchanged via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn during networking sessions. I mean who really still carries a business card, right?
…Professionals do. No matter how much you think adding info to your iPhone or Blackberry is enough, the fact of the matter is…business card exchange hasn’t become extinct just yet. There are, however, ways to bridge that gap between your online and real life identities through your business card… Continue reading

Zip Up Tangles

27 Apr

As I was mourning the loss of my missing Sennheisser PX100s and looking for new headphones, I came across these by designer Ji Woong that I thought would be perfect (it even has volume control!). It seems like a great solution to those iPod headphones that I swear tangle themselves to spite me while in my pockets.. Too bad its only a concept…..


Tweet Treats

4 Apr

tweet treats
Bakery Twitters.

Wanna catch those fudge brownies fresh out the oven? Well soon enough you can be one of the first to know the best time to run to your nearest bakery.

we were really excited (and a little scared) to come across BakerTweet, a WiFi-enabled, Arduino-based prototype that one mounts on the wall of their bakery. Items are added or removed via web interface, which you can later select by simply spinning the dial. When the sweets come out of the oven, press the button to Tweet your eager customers and await the stampede.

Apparently its all the rave overseas and soon might take off here in the States! see the full article here

LG Lotus + Christian Siriano

29 Mar

A Masque favorite, Christian Siriano, has partnered with LG Lotus to design some accessories for the phone – and he is looking for some inspiration. A contest is taking place, where Christian and LG are asking you to create a mood and inspiration board. All the tools are given to you, and “you just make it fabulous”. The grand prize is a day designing with Mr. Siriano during New York Fall Fashion Week 2009.

Not only do you get to work with Christian, you get a three day/two night trip to NYC for you AND a guest! You’ll also receive the completed accessory and a tricked out LG Lotus. Sounds like a very sweet deal to me! Contest ends 5/5/09.

Contest Rules

split keyboard?

28 Feb


Have you ever sat a computer for a while and your body started to tense up because you were in the same position for too long? Wish you could sink back into your chair and have your keyboard somewhat melt into the contours of your body?

Thanks to Kinesis, you can have just that. Comfort and convenience. I got my hands on this new shiny toy today…a split keyboard. This unique ergonomic design was developed by ergonomists and health professionals trying to find a way to make typing more comfortable. 

Typing on the keyboard is somewhat awkward, but once you get the hang of it, its easy as pie 🙂

A little bit on the pricier side, but if you can afford to splurge, why not? Get more info on the Kinesis Split Keyboard here