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next cycle of ANTM is for the shorties!

4 Mar

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Miss Tyra threw a big ‘ole toga party for her audience (all whom are aspiring models 5’7″ and shorter). During this episode, Tyra also announces that Season 13 of America’s Next Top Model will be for women only 5’7” and shorter! Tyra explains on “The Tyra Banks Show” that it was actually previous audience members who prompted her to make this decision for cycle 13. She says: “I answer audience questions after we tape “The Tyra Banks Show” and by far the question I hear the most is, ‘Why don’t you do a show with short models?’”

Tyra also surprises the audience when she announces they are really at “The Tyra Banks Show” for a Top Model casting call. Tyra brings out “ANTM” casting director Michelle Mock who handpicks five girls from the audience to compete for a golden ticket, which will provide them with priority entrance to the official “ANTM” casting call in New York City.

Tyra says:

“I stand for breaking down beauty barriers and “Top Model” has shown that women of every shape, size and color are model material, but we’ve never done a “Top Model” cycle for petite girls!…Cycle 13 of “Top Model” is going to be for girls who are 5’7” and shorter.”

Well, good luck to everyone involved! This is sure to break the monotony of ANTM. I personally stopped keeping track a few seasons ago…

Source: theybf.com