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be delicious!

17 Mar

DKNY has recently welcomed a new addition to their “Be Delicious” family. I present:

Fresh Blossom!

My beau can attest to my love for the “Be Delicious” line. I didn’t wear perfume for a year because I never got to pick up another bottle of the “Be Delicious” Red Apple. This new member of the family is said to be light and breezy, with a “palette of fruit and floral notes”. The fragrance has traces of grapefruit, apricot, rose, and jasmine all fused into one bottle. I’ve had yet to try this scent, but the packaging speaks for it! Guaranteed to be a nice airy and flirty scent for the upcoming Spring season, I’m trying to get my hands on this as soon as I can 🙂

Source: BeautyStat