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6 ways to enjoy your summer on a budget!

3 Aug

Depending on where you are or who you are (recent grads, we hear you!), the recession is still prevalent. August is here and who doesn’t want to clasp on to what we have left of the summer? Here are 5 foolproof ways to enjoy your summer, on a budget of course:

1. Go to the beach: There’s nothing better than a summer tan. It’s you against the world with a blanket, a bottle of your favorite flavored water, a good book and a pair of sunnies. If you’re feeling adventurous, get out and kick your pretty toes in the saltwaters!

2. Have a picnic: Picnics don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Find your biggest tote bag and stuff it with puzzles, a blanket, some fruit, drinks, and a camera. There’s always good fun (whether it be with your best girlfriends or your beau) in capturing the sweet moments of the summer!

3. HEAD TO SEPHORA! or anywhere else with samples and free dibs (also look into malls, Apple Stores, etc.) As mentioned in our Sephora makeover with Tineey, it is quite possible to have a ton of fun trying on makeup and playing with cosmetics for not-a-dime!

4. Scout out vintage and thrift stores/markets. Both the market and down-home vintage shops have tons of good looking, cheap clothing. Our favorite? Housing Works, located all over New York City. Funds are donated to supporting homeless, HIV-positive New Yorkers. Shopping with a cause!

5. Go to a museum. Regardless of where you are located, museums are a true gem in that they never run an arm and a leg. Target has a very intensive Arts + Culture program that includes free and reduced admissions to museums. Our favorites are the Target First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum and Free Fridays at the Museum of Modern Art.

6. Volunteer. Not only are you saving money, but you’re giving back to your community. Look around for local shelters, educational programs and institutions, etc. that need a hand. Nothing is sexier than a woman lending her support.

These suggestions are just the beginning of what you can do to take advantage of the rest of the season. Get out there and do something!


I love NYC Street Fairs!

30 May


There is no better surprise than jumping off the train for a light stroll on Broadway only to run smack dab into a genuine New York City Street Fair.  The sun is shining and a mixture of gyros, grilled corn and funnel cakes spill in the air.  Tie-dyed dresses and extravagant pashmina scarves hang from the stands.  For blocks and blocks, the pedestrian  friendly streets are crowded with strollers, the elderly, the young, romantic couples and loners.  There is a blues musician playing on one corner and someone selling plants and flowers on another.  


NYC street fairs are so awesome because they only happen in the summer.  They can be up to a mile long and randomly dispersed around Manhattan.  There are some in the mid-60’s on Fashion Ave, some in the Financial District, others on the Upper West Side and every where in between.  Please check them out, if you haven’t already had the pleasure.  Not only is it a great place to nab one-of-a-kind items but it makes for a wonderful time out with friends, family, and most of all, yourself 🙂


Here is the schedule of the City’s Fairs, so you don’t always have to be surprised, like myself!

Recession Dining

27 Feb

We all know times are hard, but who says you still cant enjoy a dinner date every now and then or treat yourself to a night out with the girls at a nice restaurant.

No ladies, fast food places do not count and definitely do NOT statisfy the yearn we get every now and then for some wining and dining. 🙂

check out this list for inexpensive yet still nice places to get your grub on!

bon appetit!