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Eye Candy: “Takers”

5 Aug

Admittedly, crime dramas are not my favorite kind of movie. I’m one of those chicks who actually LIKE chick-flicks.

But I occasionally make exceptions…for sexy men. Case in point, the movie Takers, opening later this month.

First of all, Idris Elba? That’s enough to get me in the theater. Throw in Michael Ealy and Hayden Christensen (who I’ve had a thing for since the Stars Wars prequels) and it’s  a done deal!

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The cast of cuties is rounded out by Jay Hernandez, Paul Walker, and musicians turned actors Chris Brown and Tip “T.I.” Harris.

Whether or not this movie is any good remains to be seen. But it gets serious points for the eye candy!

BTW… This month, Idris Elba tops Ebony Magazine’s list of 10 Sexiest Summer Stars! Was there ever a doubt?


I <3 Trashy Teen Dramas…

22 Jul

Summer TV is usually pretty crappy. The May-September season is typically a barren wasteland of reruns and has-been celebrity reality shows.

But if you’re like me and cheesy, slightly over-the-top teen dramas are your thing, then you’re in luck! TeenNick is changing its stale summertime routine. They’ve launched a brand new season of their wildly popular show based on the lives of Canadian high schoolers, Degrassi. With a few new faces, extended story lines, and even the series’ first transgendered character, this season promises to be an exciting one.

I honestly love this show, but past seasons have left a lot to be desired in terms of character development. Hopefully, the new “soap opera” format will change this and the shows writers can deliver on their promises of explosive scandals and secrets. We’ll see if Degrassi can take the place of my first “trashy drama” love, Skins.

New episodes of “Degrassi: The Boiling Point” air every weeknight this summer at 9pm on TeenNick.

Summer Reading List

12 Jul

Every year, I fool myself into thinking I can accomplish monumental things within eight weeks of vacation. As such, my summer “To Do” list is always a mile long. Perpetually near the top, however, is my summer reading list; a mix of new books, classics and a few old favorites to re-read before bed. Here are a few I plan to tackle:

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger: Book Cover

Somehow, I’ve managed to make it to this point in my life without reading The Catcher In The Rye. Madness, I know. I’ve heard great things about this classic and so many of my friends claim it as one of their favorites. So I figured its high time I “check it out” (library joke! …no? Ok.)

Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead: Book Cover

Who doesn’t love a good coming-of-age novel? Personally, I’ve yet to tire of them. Colson Whitehead’s semi-autobiographical tale of a Black teenager who summers in the Hamptons with his family is, according to Borders, a “deeply affectionate and fiercely funny” portrayal of adolescence and the search for racial & class identity. I really look forward to reading this one…

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros: Book Cover

The House on Mango Street was on my 6th grade summer reading list (I don’t even want to think about how long ago that was). And its been one of my favorites since then. The story of Esperanza Cordero, a young girl growing up in a Latin neighborhood in Chicago, is beautifully told in a series of vignettes. I highly recommend it and its a fairly short read, perfect for that 2-hour train ride  from NYC to the beach…

These are only three titles from my list, what’s on yours?

Tar Balls, Anyone?

8 Jul

BP’s Gulf Coast oil spill got you down? Feeling like you can’t help? Well the students at FCI’s L’Ecole Restaurant have figured out a way to do just that, and maybe get a chuckle out of you too.

The restaurant’s student chef’s are introducing a “Gulf Spill Ice Cream”: bourbon butter-pecan ice cream, dotted with chocolate ganache “tar balls”. The sweet  treat will only be available July 17-18, however, and all proceeds will benefit the National Wildlife Foundation’s relief efforts in the Gulf Coast region. So get two.

462 Broadway

New York, NY 10013
(888) 324-2433

Dress Up Your Junk

25 Mar

By now I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “no glove, no love”. But have you grown tired of your plain ole Lifestyles? Well if you and your honey are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing sheath, look no further than the French Letter Condom Company Ltd.

The British company offers condoms in red and yellow, studded and ribbed for extra stimulation, or in a variety of scents including vanilla and passion fruit. Each little raincoat comes in a shiny silver wrapper (like candy!) and they’re sold in beautifully designed boxes by the dozen.

What makes French Letter condoms even more awesome is that the company uses Fair Deal Trading. This means that workers on the rubber plantation are paid a fair wage and royalties from the condom sales go towards ensuring that they have health benefits and pensions. And, the condoms are completely vegan (no animal products)!

Of course, they are a little more pricey than your basic pack from the pharmacy. But if you’re willing to shell out  £8.99 ($13.20), you can find the couture coverings at or

Source: Daily Candy

$30 socks?

25 Mar

I love a nice pair of socks. I really do. Anyone who has shopped with me on a regular basis knows that I will go out of my way for cute socks. But for damn near $30? Idk, man…

Regardless, the Spring/Summer ’09 Collection by Hansel from Basel is undeniably charming. And if you enter code dailycandy before you add each item to your cart, you’ll get 25% off..woo!

P.S. my birthday is in May…

Source: DailyCandy

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

16 Mar

If you’re having a party or going to one, here’s a website with some great drink recipes for St. Patty’s.

Click here

get unplugged.

14 Mar

So your BFF’s birthday is coming up and you want a really great cake for her soirée. Brimming with excitement, you skip down to your local bakery…only to find out that they plan to charge you an arm and a leg for said cake. Haven’t they heard it’s a recession??

Instead of buying over-priced baked goods, why not make them yourself? In her new cookbook, Baking Unplugged, Nicole Rees shows you how to make budget-friendly masterpieces without using expensive kitchen equipment (have you seen how much a  stand mixer is lately? Jeez.) Rees uses only items that would be found in almost any kitchen: bowls, spoons, whisks, rolling pins, and measuring cups. And the book is chock full of easy to make recipes like Maple-Frosted Banana Cupcakes, Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns, Cherry-Berry Pie,  and Classic Tiramisu. So go ahead and let out your inner Betty Crocker…without breaking the bank.

“Baking Unplugged” by Nicole Rees. Available at

Tea Time!

2 Mar

TeaBar: The Most Cloying Thing on the Upper East Side Since Serendipity?


Tracy Stern, internationally known tea purveyor, is opening a new bar on the Upper East Side. SALONTEA TeaBar will serve teas from Stern’s exclusive tea line, which includes such custom blends as “Toxic Beauty”. According to Stern’s website (, the antioxidant-rich tea blend is “used by models to lose weight”. The menu also includes a variety of tea infusions and other hot drinks, as well as madeleines and macarons. The sixteen -seat drink parlor opens March 9th at 501 East  75th Street. Anyone for a spot of tea?