Meeeeow, *snap*!

18 Jan

Nothing is better to a woman than a warm bath, drizzled with some bath crystals, soaks, a good book and a glass of wine. A bath oasis, if you will. I had the pleasure of enjoying this experience when a friend of mine (hey Tineey!) introduced me to Honeycat Cosmetics.

This line of lady things – from bubble baths to lip glosses – makes you want to curl up and just love yourself. I had the pleasure of trying out a couple of products…

The Sweet Potato Pie Grooming Day Bubble Stuff (try saying that five times) was quite the treat. Not only does it make your skin smoother, it fills your bathroom with the ooey-gooey love you inhale during Thanksgiving dinners. Though great, it takes a bit of the soak to make a big difference in your bath.

The Rub My Tummy, Milk and Honey Hand and Body Cream is a crowd favorite. My grandmother is still begging me to get more! Not full of filler like most store-bought lotions, this body cream is sure to keep you moisturized. Made of shea butter, kukui oil, honey, and butter milk, you will feel good and smell great. Not to mention, anything made with shea butter and honey is sure to please this natural hunny!

My favorite! Not only does Chick of the Sea smell great, the packaging is just delicious! This one-time-use can of bath crystals comes in three scents: raspberry, chocolate, and mint. Chick of the Sea also had my skin feeling smooth and left me craving some raspberry sorbet! Pick your preferred flavor and get to soaking!

Thanks to the owner and creator of Honeyvat Cosmetics, madame Terry! Be sure to visit Honeycat Cosmetics today!


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