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“Brooklyn in Love and War”

7 Jul

We’ve got to support our fellow bloggers and with that said, I must introduce you all to one of my oldest friend’s blogs: http://bkinloveandwar.wordpress.com/.

Molly Rosner, a recent graduate from Columbia University with a Masters in Oral History (and a BA from Wesleyan in American Studies) shares her personal history by delving into the budding relationship of her paternal grandparents’  during and through wartime.  Using what saved familial artifacts remain, she is slowly but surely unraveling and discovering little known information about the Rosner clan and in the midst, learning more about herself. Through the analysis of personal letters and stories passed down, within the historical context of World War II, Molly is able to employ her family’s research into something edifying to us all.


Blog To Watch: ClothesAreCute

13 Apr

clothes are cute

I have one of the funkiest girlfriends in town. This girl can make pajamas look fashionable (I’m not joking, see here)!

Ms. Kim is that eclectic mix of casual, vintage, edgy and romantic that we all wish we could achieve. It’s sort of a natural pinache that only comes to those who are so blessed!

Plus shes a Naturalista, so you already know I love it…

Be sure to visit Kim at Clothes Are Cute, drop her a line and let her know we sent you 🙂

Manik Mag!

22 Oct

Hey All,

Be sure to check out our MASQUE Magazine banner on www.ManikMag.com!

M A N I K Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to curvaceous women who are high style and all smiles 🙂

DailyCandy Weddings!!

14 Apr



DailyCandy, my favorite e-subscription, has just launched DAILYCANDY WEDDINGS!! I am absolutely giddy and overcome with joy. ::deep breath::

For those who are not so aware, DailyCandy is just what it sounds like – it’s daily drops of joy into my inbox, hooking ladies up with discounts, great places to go, things to do, and people to see.

So of course I am ecstatic about this new site launch. Most girls I know dream of planning their weddings, their friends weddings, etc etc. I’m sure this site is going to be a great little gem. Check out the e-mail I got from them this morning ::bouncy!!::

We’ve waited for so long, but the time is just right. Now, here on bended knee, there’s something we’ve been dying to ask you, and we hope you’ll say yes …

Wanna check out DailyCandy Weddings?

It’s a new site hopelessly devoted to you and your big day.

Take the leap and find unconventional inspiration for setting the scene (dream destination at home!), floral trends (shell bouquets!), and new frock designers (ecofriendly gowns that aren’t scratchy!). There are first-dance songs for every kind of couple, menu ideas for hungry masses, and a whole lot of fresh ideas on how to make your wedding day, well, yours.

Go ahead and help spread the word to brides-to-be.

You might just like it — weddy or not.
Check it out at dailycandy.com/weddings.

So go on ahead and check it out ladies, I’m promising you’ll love it! 🙂

For the Boys: The Toilet Paper

13 Apr

Whether you have a bf, a male best friend, a cousin, a brother, a guy you just talk to to pass the time…whatever the case may be, we suggest you put him on to one of my favorite new sites…


Forget reading daily newspapers. Who needs them when you have the witty and hilarious guys over at The Toilet Paper? Along with the news, you get quotes, facts, daily bottom lines, YouTube videos…and just about anything else these guys feel like cooking up that day. 

A definite funny to share with any guy you know. Direct them over to The Toilet Paper today 🙂

guest blogging for Eleven Magazine.

30 Mar

Hey all,

I’m excited to tell you all that this week I will be guest blogging for Eleven Magazine, a magazine for men’s fashion and lifestyle. We gave them some mention a couple weeks ago, and now for a week I’ll be hitting the blog! Check out some spring dates, some music I really love, and threads I think women love on men. While you’re there, check out their past guest bloggers and the blog in general. You definitely won’t be disappointed!


MizzDGreen Shout

14 Mar

Mizz D, one of our beautiful contributors, shouted Masque out on Youtube! Be sure to check out her channel. She gives great lifestyle and hair advice…watching her is like talking to a girl friend. Check her out 🙂

Eleven Magazine.

13 Mar

eleven magazine

If you’re looking for a pumped up, super dapper, extra amazing version of Masque, head over to Eleven Magazine. The boys (hey Alvin!) are very talented and offer everything from tech to fashion, decor to food – and looking great while  doing it. Staying cool with a shot of sophistication is what these guys excel at, so it’s definitely a must-read.

We wouldn’t steer you wrong, would we? Check them out here

Get Togetha’s blog.

8 Mar

I’m not sure if my identity rings  through these blog posts yet, but I think we can all agree that I completely dig interior design. Thanks to India over at UrbanCurlz, I was directed to this site:


For any woman who is into surrounding herself with things in her home that absolutely reflect who she is as a person, this is the site for you. Melinda Lewis, the Founder of the site, is a sweetheart as well, and it is apparent that she has a passion for everything that she blogs about. It feels very much like a family. Melinda states:

Get Togetha is a fun and hip lifestyle company and blog that teaches you how to be live rich and how to undo the craptastic. A self proclaimed lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, blogger and self-improvement junkie Melinda makes no apologies about inspiring women to live their best “lifestyle.” Get Togetha’s primary function is to ignite your creative spark plug through conversation and then we throw in the kitchen sink when it comes to helping women surround themselves with the things they absolutely love: home decor finds, interior designer mixed with heart and inspiration.

Check out the blog for yourself! Click here