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Nail Color of the Week: My Old Flame

16 Sep

Whenever you’re in the mood for classic and sultry, Deborah Lippmann’s My Old Flame is the way to go.  I found myself a little stumped when trying to decide what hue would make me smile this week and after the image of a true red popped into my head, I automatically went for My Old Flame. A true red is so versatile: it is for any age and any season. Always in and always sexy, be sure to My Old Flame one of your new favorites!

Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2010!

13 Sep

In case you’re dead or seriously just came back from a part of the world where the only inhabitants were sheep, here’s a newsflash: September 9th was the beginning of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Friday, September 10, was the public’s introduction to the Week with Fashion’s Night Out, a celebration of fashion and all it’s accompaniments.  FNO is a mix of events, promotions, and introductions of a new products not limited to strictly fashion but incorporating food, music, and general fun.

Some of the Masque gang and friends went exploring NYC starting in the Meat Packing District, wandering to Bloomingdale’s and then back down to Soho to end the night. Here’s a little of what went down:

We started at Pop Burger (Ninth Ave between 14th and 15th) where Dev the Fabulous and Bossman Kelly were already chowing down. I came in just before our friend Jess and after a few more moments of chit chat, we were off and running.

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Nail Color of the Week: Glitzerland

11 Sep

We ladies always like a lil bling bling in our accessories and now here’s a great way to add a little sparkle to your nails: OPI’s Glitzerland.  While still in the neutral family with it’s earthy undertones, Glitzerland is the perfect way give your paws a little sparkle.  And it’s perfect for this week’s fashion week! (I was wearing it myself last night)

Personal note: I made sure to go run out and find something in the goldy/bronzy family after watching an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” where I saw Kourtney donning an amazing metallic nailpolish. And this shade is right on trend with the metal inspired colors of the coming season.  Be sure to pick this, and others like it, up for quickly approaching Fall!

Nail Color of the Week: Essie Marshmallow

1 Sep

Light and fresh, nothing beats a neat nude when you’re stumped for a color selection (not to mention, nudes and naturals are absolutely in for the fall!). Essie’s Marshmallow is the perfect choice for any season and any mood.  Great alone, it’s also the perfect backdrop for a cute little design or french mani. Dare we say “yummy”?


22 Aug

Smashbox has done it again. The makers of the original O-Gloss have created the new O-Gloss Noir just in time for fall.  This time, instead of a beautiful pink, they promise a nice original berry flush keeping in tone with the plum theme for the coming season.

O-GLOSS NOIR Intuitive Lip Gloss With Goji Berry-C Complex™

Get a sultry berry pout that’s all your own! O-GLOSS is packed with vitamins and natural ingredients that revitalize, nourish, and moisturize your lips, like the exclusive microcirculating Goji Berry-C Complex™ and ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalizing marine botanicals, and moisturizing avocado oil. As it transforms into your perfect berry hue, you will be left with a shade that is unique to you.

And believe me when I say this product is already in high demand (I went in to Sephora last week and they were sold out!) Grab it when you can or order it online at ($22).

Nail Color of the Week: Essie “Pansy”

22 Aug

Think more classically about the flower than the wimp.  A bright and bubbly pink, this bubble-gummy color will definitely put a smile on your face.

Pre Game Texturizing Spray Product Review

7 Aug
One of the most trying things for a girl can be the management of her hair, especially in the hot and humid summer months.  While some of us may have wash-n-go hair, others need a little more attention.  Add the beach environment (which is basically synonomous with summertime) and there’s another level of frustration.
In comes Pre Game Texturizing Spray. From the makers of the All Nighter Styling Powder, Pre Game aids in the “just-from-the-beach” style, giving hair a tousled look.  It also boasts to help with the “3pm droop” by giving hair a natural looking boost.
A scrunch-tastic, spritz-sational all-natural texturizing spray for beachy texture and piece-y-ness. Pre Game adds a gentle hold (kinda like memory), gives ‘sproing’ to flat ‘dos and is a PERFECT compliment to The All Nighter Styling Powder! Formulated with Himalayan pink and Dead Sea salts (for those hair days highs and lows), pure Aloe, and a touch of nourishing Argan oil, Pre Game Texturizing Spray is beneficial for your hair and scalp! Use it before you style – it works great on squeaky clean hair OR for hair that suffers from the dreaded ‘mid-day drop’ (y’know around 3 pm?) – anytime your hair needs a little kick in the pants!
Now of course this had to be put to the test.  I had a few girlies with different hair textures, myself included, try the product to see what the outcome would be. While they may say it works for all, we need our own proof and an impromptu experiment never hurt anybody!  Four ladies tested the spray: Continue reading

Gilt Groupe Nail Sale, 8/5!

5 Aug

Who doesn’t love pretty nails and a great deal?

If you’re not already a part of Gilt Groupe, you need to be.  Especially since they’re having a special on Deborah Lippmann Nail & Beauty products Thursday, August 5, 2010 (starting at 12 noon, Eastern Standard – that bit matters because these type of sites are nationally used and their sale times are particular).  Gilt Groupe is a site that offers discounts on designer and luxury lines, from accessories to appareal to beauty.  Signing up is free and totally worth it.

Some of Ms. Lippmann’s fabulous collection will be there for the picking, so please take advantage.  You already know she’s one of my favssss. Here’s just some of what Gilt has to offer: Continue reading

Nail Color of the Week: Atomic Orange

2 Aug

OPI’s Atomic Orange is something bright, fun, and summery!

Color Me Blind – Intricacies of Race

2 Aug

Race can be a tricky issue, made all the more complex when people try to classify others they know nothing about.

This is something that often happens to people of mixed race.   Indian-American writer Nandini D’Souza had the misfortune of having been mistaken for ‘the Nanny’ when she was out with her daughter, whose father is of Irish and German descent.  Naturally, its considered quite offensive to pry into people’s personal business, but to have someone, a perfect stranger, articulate that your baby can’t be yours because “it’s too white” or to ask you what your “weekly rate is” is abhorrent.   There’s a thin line between being a little presumptuous and just plain rude, particularly when it comes to questioning the ownership of a child to its mother.

In her article for Harper’s Bazaar, D’Souza shares more about her personal experience raising a child who looks more like daddy than mommy and what parents of mixed raced children need to come to terms with.  While there is not a whole lot than can be done about outsiders looking in, the main issue is making sure that the children have a sense of confidence and normalcy.  She discusses how she and her husband were curious about what their baby would look like, of course, but their racial backgrounds were never much of an issue among the couple.

Coming from interracial parents myself I can say that D’Souza’s experiences are not just her own.  My own mother was asked if she was the caregiver rather than the mother when I was an infant. Granted, that was over 20 years ago, it’s sad to say that not much has changed when it comes to the public’s ignorances about genetic mixing.  Not every yellow person is hispanic and not every brown skinned woman (or man) will necessarily have chocolatey children like them.  Peoples have been mixing for generations and there’s no such thing as “pure” anymore.

D’Souza put it quite eloquently, when asked by her four year-old niece what it means to be mixed race: ” ‘It’s the difference between fluffernutter, peanut butter and Nutella. All different flavors, but all tasty’.”  Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best of all.