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Natural Beauty: Hannah Hodson

9 Jun


Hannah Hodson plays Camille Hawthorne on the new show “Hawthorne”, set to air on TNT on June 16th. The leading lady, Jada Pinkett Smith, plays a hard-ass nurse that puts herself on the line every day for her patients (the show actually looks pretty interesting and I’ll be sure to tune in). However, the story line wasn’t all that caught my attention. Hannah’s natural locks are so beautiful I had to do a double-take! She is an 18 year old hot mama who got her start on the Nike Air Jordan Commercial directed by Spike Lee. From then on she has stayed on her grind and has now landed a spot on what I am sure will be an exciting TV show. Check out the show next week to catch a glimpse of Ms. Hodson and her head full of spirals!


How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World.

7 Jun

In a world ruled by reality television and materialistic desires, it becomes very difficult to maintain any class…and your sanity. The fully-clothed woman with her hair pinned up in a bun will often be overlooked for the woman with hair extensions and her breasts out…or so we think. 

I got my hands on a great book not to long ago. How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World is a magnificent collection of different ways you can go about being a lady. Written by Jordan Christy, this southern belle immersed in the entertainment industry offers great advice on how to maintain a vestige of dignity while still having fun. From dating to dress, diction to dining, this book delivers. 

A definite recommendation, you can pick this book up from Barnes & Noble, Target and Amazon. Check out the auther, Jordan Christy, here.

Product Review: Rx For Brown Skin

6 Jun

RX for Brown Skin, brought to us by Dr. Suzanne Taylor, is a skincare line dedicated to brown skin. Whether it be African-American, Latina, Asian, and all that lies between, our skin has varying needs that need to be met. We must retain moisture, our acne must be dealt with differently, and our epidermic diseases must be attacked from different angles. 

I’ve had serious skin issues lately (see here, and here, and…here :(), so I was incredibly relieved to hear of Rx for Brown Skin. I had the pleasure of trying two of the products, the Skin-Evening Body Butter and the Bright & Clear Collection for acne prone skin. 

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Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, BAM!

6 Jun

The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater International Tour will be stopping by the Brooklyn Academy of Music for one week only. Alvin Ailey is celebrating it’s 50th year, so tickets range from $16 (yes, you read that correctly) to $85. Try to catch this while you can!

Visit here to purchase tickets.

A Souvenir for my Mom.

1 Jun

This past year, we’ve been a part of something truly historic. The monumental election of our great president, Barack Obama, had the entire country experiencing something we’ve been yearning for for some time now – a true unity that was beyond words.

Nnamdi Osuagwu of Ice Cream Melts knew that this was an event that needed to be documented. Because so many of us couldn’t make it out to the inauguration, something like “A Souvenir for my Mom” is priceless. Nnamdi walks around to the multicultural, multiracial, multireligious, multi-everything crowd at inauguration and gets comments and very different perspectives from the onlookers. 

The very beautiful, emotional accounts of the 2009 inauguration that are featured in “A Souvenir for my Mom” are definitely something worth checking out. Take a peek here:

for more info visit the “A Souvenir for my Mom” site, or visit Nnamdi at Ice Cream Melts.

About Ice Cream Melts:

Ice Cream Melts, LLC is a cutting edge Publishing and Production Company that specializes in ‘Human Element’ projects within film and literature. Human Element projects capture the raw emotions and energy of the people.

All of the books published by Ice Cream Melts,LLC are interactive and have an associated online social networking component. These components enable readers and site visitors to interact on the company’s website ( through blogging, vlogging (videoblogging) or just sharing comments based on topics read in the book.


1 Jun

by Berber Soepboer & Michiel Schuurman 2008

Customizable plus who doesn’t love to color??? More pics after the jump.












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Crayon Rings

1 Jun

dope crayon rings by designer Timothy Liles

Sold at The Future Perfect and Oye Modern 


Bring Sexy Back to Wall Street Block Party

1 Jun

Hosted by Signette, this block party is to showcase Aysha Saeed’s Spring/Summer Collection. To celebrate the occassion, she’ll be offering 75% off her retail prices! There will also be free makeovers from DuWop Cosmetics and free fitness consultations to get that sexy summer body on track. Taking place tomorrow, June 2nd, at Ulysses (58 Stone Street & Mill Lane), the event will also have menus with prices slashed down – we’re talking $9 martinis and $12 calamari here! Take a look at the flyer for more deets if interested.

Thanks Christine!