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Winter Hair Whimsy

20 Jan

As the cold season drudges on, we often forget about our hair. Sir “Hat Head” becomes far too familiar. So that we never forget how cute we are, I find it almost a necessity to dress up my kinky curls every once in a while.

A serious Etsy fan, I ran across BoutiqueDeBandeaux – an Etsy shop full of flowery couture headbands. In romantic chocolates and dusty roses (very seasonally appropriate), these headbands are sure to make any winter coif fanciful. My fave?

“La Chanteuse” is a feathery, sequined number that only needs a small, gold post earring to set it off.

Of course, keep your eye out for BoutiqueDeBandeux. Her collection reaches into the spring season as well!

Prices go up to $20

Visit BoutiqueDeBandeux’s Etsy or follow on Twitter!


Unclogging Pores on a Budget

19 Jan

I ran into this video on Youtube (via ChiselleCouture). This facial cleanser is comparable to Biore’s Facial Cleansing Strips and is MUCH cheaper. All you need are a couple eggs and some toilet paper.

I tried this out myself. My face felt better but I didn’t see any noticeable changes. Also, I warn you, DON’T use cheap toilet paper! It makes this a COMPLETE mess!

Meeeeow, *snap*!

18 Jan

Nothing is better to a woman than a warm bath, drizzled with some bath crystals, soaks, a good book and a glass of wine. A bath oasis, if you will. I had the pleasure of enjoying this experience when a friend of mine (hey Tineey!) introduced me to Honeycat Cosmetics.

This line of lady things – from bubble baths to lip glosses – makes you want to curl up and just love yourself. I had the pleasure of trying out a couple of products…

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