I’m Recession Cute

11 May

The way to meet guys today is to look “Recession Cute”. Within the last month, I’ve gotten several numbers from very cute men by sporting the items below. I’m almost sure it will work for the rest of you:

DIRTY Turquoise and white (used to be) sneakers

I won’t mention the brand of these darlings, but I bought them in August 2007. After 2 half marathons and miles and miles of training, these suckers can literally have a conversation with me.

Leopard print head tie
So when I go to the gym, I take of my cute little short wig to let it air out and write my head up in a leopard print head tie. WHO KNOWS where this came from. Its one of those things I just found around the house.

Absolut Vodka tee shirt
I’m not sure if the liquor on my shirt is an essential ingredient to the love-sweat potion that drips from my brow, but this tee reels men in like bait in shark infested waters.

DIRTY black or lavender workout pants
People say its my buttocks…I beg to differ because I’ve always had a rather large rear and and still never got the digits until I wore these bad boys. I’m not sure of the brand because they are so watched out that the tags are illegible.

Mustard and Black workout gloves
I have no clothes in mustard so these gloves NEVER match my outfit.

No Make Up
I never wear make-up to the gym…and if I do, its by mistake.

There you go! I call my look “Recession cute”. Wear all of these and you’ll have more men talk to you than ever before!


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