It’s Me…ILLY!

14 Sep

Allow us to introduce you to Illy-D, our new Melody Editor! She’s funky and passionate about all things Music. Not only does she work in the industry, she loves the history of it all! She’ll be digging in her crates weekly to bring you all her favorites…

There is nothing like a good song to articulate your life at the moment. Or just a good beat to get you going like no Red Bull can. What about that singer that just performed their heart out and left you dumb-founded, in awe and gasping? Now what about that song that reminded you of that other song that you heard on that throwback radio station?  I love moments like that and will be bringing you all the music mania I can. My ears do not deceive me and I won’t you. If it sounds similar chances are it is, and the paperwork was already handled to cover the costs of it. When it comes to music I’m like a kid in Coldstone – “Lemme get the can’t get enough”!

The name is Illy-D and I will be your link to the music portion of this Masque experience. What I will bring to your computer screens every week is what I like to call “Something Old, Something New…” The something old will be a new song by an established artist and the something new will be an artist I think you should learn more about, pretty basic right?

I’m also bringing you “Something Borrowed in Rhythm & Blues.” We all know that there are a plethora of samples lurking about in the jams we know and love. So my something borrowed will be my attempt to bring to your attention a sample you may have known of before.

As we embark on this musical journey, know that we are all apart of this Melodic Ship sailing the seas of new releases and old hits. Consider me your Co-Captain Illy-D….ALL ABOARD!!


Popluxe by Richie Rich S/S 2011

13 Sep

Such an entertaining show! Ballerinas, violinists and tons of glitter balanced assless chaps, drag queens, and Ellen Degeneres.  Inspired by his muse, pop singer Kristine Elezaj, Rich uses beautiful ballerinas set the stage while Caitlin Moe and DJ Mia Moretti really got the show pumping. Our favorite from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Jujubee, even stomped down the runway! The vintage feminine frocks were a nod to the victorian era, with ruffles and rosettes galore. Capped off with to-die-for shoes, this show was truly a party. It’s a must-see!

Mia Moretti Violinist Caitlin Moe and DJ Mia Moretti perform on the runway at the Richie Rich Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center on September 9, 2010 in New York City.

Violinist Caitlin Moe with DJ Mia Moretti

Part 1:

Part 2:

The girls of Coco & Breezy! Love their couture eyewear as always!

Naima Mora of America’s Next Top Model fame was stunning! Such a beautiful and warm personality.

This cute little girl was a fashion writer, and she’s only 11 years old! If anyone knows who she is, please let us know!

Scallywag & Vagabond did an excellent piece on this show, check it out here.

MASQUE Out & About: Fabsugar + MBFW

13 Sep

What’s sugary sweet and fashionable to beat?

The MASQUE girls took some down time from all the Fashion Week hysteria to catch some R&R will the women of FabSugar. At 632 on Hudson, we dipped into a candy bar, had some cotton candy and delicious Sofia champagne while the DJ spun tunes. We even watched as women got glam courtesy of Bobbi Brown and coifed courtesy of Sally Hershberger Downtown.

The event was hosted at the Elizabeth and James Pop-Up Shop. Such functional and fun clothing!

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Our Favorite Moment: MTV VMA’s

13 Sep

Kelly: It wasn’t the clothes or the performances. One word…Ross. And how could you not love Chelsea Handler?

On another note, was Gaga not incredibly human this show? She wasn’t her usual nonchalant-but-intense self this time around. I absolutely loved it.


Stephanie: “Mariah Carey couldn’t be here tonight. Tomorrow’s the first day of nursery school for Nick Cannon” — Chelsea Handler.


Melissa: Linkin Park performance was awesome and Kanye’s performance was very good; dynamic. Epic. And honestly, I liked Justin Beiber’s performance. That little kid is so cool!


Ruth: Usher’s performance was the most memorable. Not because he slid across the VMA stage w/ a smoothness I never saw. But moreso because it justified my reason for favoring the seasoned male rookies of R&B. Usher was def a heart throb when I was younger but singing a nice tune and pop locking is not enough these days to have me captivated. Venturing in other “front stage” avenues of success (acting, cross over collaborations, etc) are def options that are available to artists who may not be as limber as they used to be and who are slowly losing their pizzaz.

Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2010!

13 Sep

In case you’re dead or seriously just came back from a part of the world where the only inhabitants were sheep, here’s a newsflash: September 9th was the beginning of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Friday, September 10, was the public’s introduction to the Week with Fashion’s Night Out, a celebration of fashion and all it’s accompaniments.  FNO is a mix of events, promotions, and introductions of a new products not limited to strictly fashion but incorporating food, music, and general fun.

Some of the Masque gang and friends went exploring NYC starting in the Meat Packing District, wandering to Bloomingdale’s and then back down to Soho to end the night. Here’s a little of what went down:

We started at Pop Burger (Ninth Ave between 14th and 15th) where Dev the Fabulous and Bossman Kelly were already chowing down. I came in just before our friend Jess and after a few more moments of chit chat, we were off and running.

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Nail Color of the Week: Glitzerland

11 Sep

We ladies always like a lil bling bling in our accessories and now here’s a great way to add a little sparkle to your nails: OPI’s Glitzerland.  While still in the neutral family with it’s earthy undertones, Glitzerland is the perfect way give your paws a little sparkle.  And it’s perfect for this week’s fashion week! (I was wearing it myself last night)

Personal note: I made sure to go run out and find something in the goldy/bronzy family after watching an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” where I saw Kourtney donning an amazing metallic nailpolish. And this shade is right on trend with the metal inspired colors of the coming season.  Be sure to pick this, and others like it, up for quickly approaching Fall!

Men + GF’s + Concerts

11 Sep

Fellas, a word to the wise…

Don’t touch your girlfriend while she’s taking in the show of an IMMENSELY sexy crooner. Just let her enjoy her moment.

During Fashion’s Night Out, a few of the MASQUE ladies witnessed something so, so sad – a man trying to hold his girlfriend while she was watching Robin Thicke girate and practically molest a microphone stand. We watched as her knees buckled and she screamed everytime Sir Thicke hit a high note.

We know, you think your contact will be reminding her that you’re still there. Don’t you worry about it – chances are she already forgot about you because she’s salivating over said crooner. Chalk it up as a loss.

To avoid this altogether, take that ticket you bought for yourself and give it to one of her girlfriends! LOL This way, she won’t have to deal with you distracting her and she will have someone to share her excitement with. Just a thought 🙂

50th Anniversary of The Pill

10 Sep

Since the 1960’s, The Pill has been the most chosen form of contraception in the United States. It gave women a sexual freedom, and gave others a way of maintaining a steady hormonal balance. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill and today it’s hard to imagine life without it. But there was sex prior to The Pill.  Many years ago women resorted to using lemons, wood and even Lysol for contraception. Birth control has come a long way, and it’s time to celebrate it!

Dawn Stacey, an expert on The Pill, is an advocate and an expert. From being’s expert on contraception to counseling for over 13 years, Stacey has a strong hold on the history of the oral contraceptive, things that are happening today, and what the future of The Pill holds. We got a chance to have a conversation with her:

Catch our conversation here

Be safe and informed ladies, and celebrate you!

Restaurant Line Up: FALL 2010

10 Sep

Although the sun and warmth will continue to shine way into October, fall will come sooner than later.  This means new schedules, new trends, new fall clothes and new restaurants! Fall 2010 looks delicious, with lists upon lists of new, trendy and notable restaurants and specialty markets from some amazing chefs and restauranteurs. New projects are coming from known chefs such as Tom Colicchio, Masaharu Morimoto, and Marcus Samuelsson, to Food Network favorites like Alex Guarnaschelli and Pat and Gina Neely (I’m sooooo ready for a Neely restaurant, their trip up north is long over due! Can you just imagine all that pork and barbecue goodness? My mouth is watering).

I forsee a very active fall season, and I have already packed my fork and knife in my handbag. Check out these 3 major lists of new restaurant openings and the fall forecast for food!

Wall Street Journal


New York Times

See you there!

Spotted: Molly Vu of LoweFactor

10 Sep

Molly Vu, a Fashion News Contributor for LoweFactor, was spotted at the Spring Shoes Launch Event looking beautiful in a flirty out-on-the-town dress.

We must say, she has impeccable taste in shoes!