Our Favorite Moment: MTV VMA’s

13 Sep

Kelly: It wasn’t the clothes or the performances. One word…Ross. And how could you not love Chelsea Handler?

On another note, was Gaga not incredibly human this show? She wasn’t her usual nonchalant-but-intense self this time around. I absolutely loved it.


Stephanie: “Mariah Carey couldn’t be here tonight. Tomorrow’s the first day of nursery school for Nick Cannon” — Chelsea Handler.


Melissa: Linkin Park performance was awesome and Kanye’s performance was very good; dynamic. Epic. And honestly, I liked Justin Beiber’s performance. That little kid is so cool!


Ruth: Usher’s performance was the most memorable. Not because he slid across the VMA stage w/ a smoothness I never saw. But moreso because it justified my reason for favoring the seasoned male rookies of R&B. Usher was def a heart throb when I was younger but singing a nice tune and pop locking is not enough these days to have me captivated. Venturing in other “front stage” avenues of success (acting, cross over collaborations, etc) are def options that are available to artists who may not be as limber as they used to be and who are slowly losing their pizzaz.


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