Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2010!

13 Sep

In case you’re dead or seriously just came back from a part of the world where the only inhabitants were sheep, here’s a newsflash: September 9th was the beginning of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Friday, September 10, was the public’s introduction to the Week with Fashion’s Night Out, a celebration of fashion and all it’s accompaniments.  FNO is a mix of events, promotions, and introductions of a new products not limited to strictly fashion but incorporating food, music, and general fun.

Some of the Masque gang and friends went exploring NYC starting in the Meat Packing District, wandering to Bloomingdale’s and then back down to Soho to end the night. Here’s a little of what went down:

We started at Pop Burger (Ninth Ave between 14th and 15th) where Dev the Fabulous and Bossman Kelly were already chowing down. I came in just before our friend Jess and after a few more moments of chit chat, we were off and running.

We wandered down Ninth, where a few beverage companies were promoting their newest libations, including Arizona’s twist on Vitamin Water and some health elixir that was supposed to have cosmetic benefits.

And who doesn’t love free cupcakes, courtesy of Street Sweets?

Annnnd we ran into Tineey! (Never mind the alfalfa hair :/)

Tory Burch (Little West 12th Street, off Washington)  was our first in store stop –  super crowded and hectic but a corona doesn’t hurt.

And upon her friend’s insistance, La led us into Jeffrey (14th between Washington and 10th Avenue) after we passed by DVF (@ 14th and Washinghton) which was too obnoxious to attempt.

Fashion Icon; Rest In Peace.

We were LUCKY enough to happen upon a much under-advertised appearance by none other than Robin Thicke! @ Hugo Boss (14th off Ninth). Now if you haven’t seen this man live before, you’re mad. He. Is. Amazing. And too sexy, it’s almost unbearable. We were fortunate enough to get a spot right on the edge of where he needed to enter and exit their little stage.

And this chick got a kiss on the cheek from him!!!!!! UN. FAIR.

The MASQUE girls and friends had a great time, this was one of our biggest stops!

After all that excitement, it was onto Bloomingdale’s, where we were joined by Erica and Allie; despite her bum foot, Eri came out for a bit, trooper! Not as exciting as one might like, due to the hour of day, we mummed about for a bit, just missing a sighting of a member of the Black Eyed Peas and went onwards and upwards into night. Nothing’s more New York than the subway, so there we went.

There were, however, VW cars giving free rides in certain areas all night and Greyline tour buses doing the same.

We found Soho in an uproar due to an appearance of Gwen Stefani in Sephora (Broadway between Spring and Prince streets). I’m sorry, since when was it okay to climb on top of other people’s vehicles just because they were stationary in the street? SMH.

Barely escaping with our lives (hahaha, but it was actually pretty bad) we started towards Patricia Field (Bowery between East Houston and Bleecker Streets), which Jess and I had been looking fowards to alllll evening.

Such cute Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon Heels with Orb!

Patricia Field was a bit of a mess and certainly very drag queen/transvestite friendly.  There was a mob of people outside, it being one of the venues open the latest and being attached to the likes of SATC (Field was the stylist on the show, duh) so needless to say there was a bit of a wait but it could have been worse.  Once inside, it was probably crazier than expected, with not too much wearable for the everyday, for the everywoman, but there were some fun things in there:

In the end Jess and I had a purchase: the same pair of leopard platform booties, haha.

This was only $2100! Yeah?!

With a case of the “nom nom”, we stopped by Rice to Riches (Spring between Mott and Mulberry Streets), which is a rice pudding only eatery with all different flavors – LOVE! I sampled “The Edge of Rum Raisin” and it was delicious. To boot, the shoppe’s creative department is hilarious:

There was an art instillation? Which was basically a huge wall on Bowery that was just tagged all over with rocks placed in front of it but it was definitely cool and definitely New York.  Some of us were able to find our names, like your friendly neighborhood stranger who stopped to chat with us about the wall (his name was Josh) but alas I couldn’t find anything other than Chico.

And so ended the night.  If it weren’t for my blasted day job, I would have had more energy but after an evening of wandering around and being shoved a bit, it can escape you.  Some tips/lessons learned for next year’s FNO:  you need a plan, even if you don’t follow it to a T.  And you need options because the venue of choice may not always be what it’s cracked up to be and may be overwhelmed by people.  Be sure to RSVP for the locations that require it and definitely stick to an area before going to the next.  Early show, followed by a department store and then the lower regions of the Manhattan seems to be the way to play it.  Hope to see you out there next year!


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