Men + GF’s + Concerts

11 Sep

Fellas, a word to the wise…

Don’t touch your girlfriend while she’s taking in the show of an IMMENSELY sexy crooner. Just let her enjoy her moment.

During Fashion’s Night Out, a few of the MASQUE ladies witnessed something so, so sad – a man trying to hold his girlfriend while she was watching Robin Thicke girate and practically molest a microphone stand. We watched as her knees buckled and she screamed everytime Sir Thicke hit a high note.

We know, you think your contact will be reminding her that you’re still there. Don’t you worry about it – chances are she already forgot about you because she’s salivating over said crooner. Chalk it up as a loss.

To avoid this altogether, take that ticket you bought for yourself and give it to one of her girlfriends! LOL This way, she won’t have to deal with you distracting her and she will have someone to share her excitement with. Just a thought 🙂


One Response to “Men + GF’s + Concerts”

  1. Stephanie September 12, 2010 at 12:03 AM #

    amen and amen.

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