4 Sep

Labor Day is here and just like that, summer is coming to a close. Dear summer you will be missed! Time to cram all the last minute parties into your agenda before its time to break out the sweaters.

No elaborate Labor Day plans? This is a great party for an intimate group of friends who just wanna kick back and relax before equinox hit us (and fashion week creeps up!). Gather up all your friends, melt some butter, and get ready to crack everything from lobsters, crabs, and mussels, to beer tops, jokes, and smiles!


***This recipe is suited for you to add/subtract any seafood and accompaniment that you and your guests enjoy. Feel free to mix and match!


1 package Crab boil seasoning

1 lb. boiling potatoes (baby red skin potatoes are good for this)

6 ears of corn, cut in halves

1 head of garlic, cut in half (no need to peel)

2 sweet onions, peeled and cut in half

Beer or dry wine  (I love Budweiser for this)

1 fennel bulb, cleaned and cut in large pieces

4 whole smoked sausages, cut into chunks (adds smokey flavor!)

seafood of your choice- whole lobsters, clams, muscles, shrimp, whole crabs, crab legs, etc

melted butter (for dipping)

cracked sea salt, and cracked black pepper

Bring a large pot of mostly water, beer or wine, and crab seasoning to a semi boil. Add potatoes, corn, garlic, onions, sausage and fennel and cook till a fork slides in potatoes. Scoop out potatoes and corn and set aside. Add in whole lobsters, and cook till they turn pink. Add the shellfish of your choice (i.e. clams,mussels, crabs) to boil next, cooking till they turn pink. Add shrimp last, and continue to cook until all seafood is cooked through. Place mixed seafood, corn, and potatoes into platters, and place in the middle of the table, or line a table with plastic table clothes, and newspaper, drain liquid and pour seafood, corn, and potatoes on the table for your guest to serve themselves!


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