Joshua Bennett: “Ten Things I Want to Say to a Black Woman”

28 Aug

Joyous weekends to you all!

Ran across a video from a young man named Joshua Bennett. A recent graduate from UPenn (he accomplishments are astounding! Check out his graduation speech here).

Now I will speak to you, my audience, as a Black woman in her 20’s in 2010. More often that not, we get so caught up in our studies, blogging and beauty and forget what has shaped who we are. The words of those before Us educated the world about Our struggles (and in the midst of this Antoine Dodson foolywang, this is SO refreshing it’s not even funny).

Joshua Bennett manages to find the most pristine words to describe our encounters. From men on the street to music videos, this poem encapsulates how men used to feel about their women. Does this still hold true today?

Thank you, Josh, for this spoken word piece. We appreciate it.

You can find Josh on Twitter and Youtube. Check him out, he’s ridiculously good at what he does.

(Note: Though Joshua has dedicated his poem to Black Women, this is really applicable for ANY woman. We all go through similar things!)


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